Michael Healy Rae


Withold the vote? They should sterlise the kunts


Isn’t Michael Lowry’s young fella going for office now? Those Tipp mongs will chair him in no doubt.


I fucking hate the Healy Rae’s, how can anyone in their right mind vote for a shower like that. I see that Joan Burton is looking to fuck Michael healy rae of some comsumer board that he is on. Heard her on radio saying either Michael can step down himself or she will fuck him off the board.

Scum of the earth.


Texts into the Last Word from South Kerry yesterday were priceless.

Asking was it a co-incidenece that this came out just as Joan Burton wants to get rid of MHR from that state board !!!


:blink: :ph34r: :pint:


Louth voted in a man that it is widely alleged in print and other forms of media to have:
Ordered sectarian murders
Complicit in criminal activity
Sheltered a paedophile


And he has a lisp


Looks like the arse hole is going to pay back the money himself. I think this might be the case of paying it to make it go away.

Healy Rae to pay back money.

Now Joan sack the fucker from the board he is sitting on.


I think the word alleged answers that one, alleged by the same people who cheerleaded us into economic abyss.


Exactly, it’s damage limitation now. The person or persons who made these calls should be brought to justice.

What other premium rate calls are these pricks making? ‘The Winning Line’, ‘Bored housewife…hear me moan’, ‘Race Commentaries’…all of the above?




Does it fuck

Enlighten me with your conspiracy re Suzanne Breen, Brendan Hughes, Ed Molony - all held CFD accounts with Anglo I suppose

Don’t get me wrong I detest the cute hoorism that the Healy Rae’s portray but they are far from the biggest gangsters elected by that constituency - John O’Donoughue used the state as an ATM card to disgusting levels. There are far more empty vessels than MHR in the Dail at present and more deserving cases for abuse - Adams, Lowry etc


Why doesn’t Adams sue for libel? Those are serious allegations against him yet he comes out with the horseshit that he wasn’t in the IRA. And people were sick of FF because of the lies, corruption etc…The one thing that characterizes Adams reign of SF and the IRA was an addiction to power. Seems to me that he has only got involved in the republic to quell the popularity of Doherty.

Supported the killers of Jerry McCabe - forgot to add that one to the list.


Totti’s denial of the reality on this Island and soem of its central charaters is quite funny.

Gerry Adams has alot to answer for Totti. Now he has done some outstanding work, but to deny or ridicule anyone for pointing out his failings is just silly.


From Politics.ie

Oireachtas letter to Jackie Healy-Rae on March 12th 2008 about premium calls

Politics.ie has gotten it’s hands on the letter which was sent to Jackie Healy-Rae on the 12th of March 2008 about phonecalls made from within Leinster House to support his son (now TD) Micheal Healy-Rae between the 22nd and 25 of October 2007. The letter was issued by an Oireachtas official on the direction of the Secretary General of the Houses of the Oireachtas. The letter asked Deputy Healy-Rae for a comment on the calls made. No such reply was made, Jackie Healy-Rae has since insisted that the letter was never received.

Deputy Jackie Healy Rae
Leinster House

Dear Deputy Healy Rae

I have been requested by the Secretary General of the office of Houses of the Oireachtas to write to you to bring your attention to the following matter:

The telephone costs records of the Office of the Houses of the Oireachtas show that a total sum of €2639.24 (including VAT) was incurred in costs in respect of over 3600 telephone calls from Leinster House to a premium rate number over a three day period on 22-25 October last year, (the number was 1513 717107 which is understood to have been the number on which votes were registered for Mr. Michael Healy Rae during the ‘Celebrities Go Wild’ television show last October (2007)). While there are no detailed records of any calls made from particular extensions assigned to either Members or their staff in Leinster House, I can confirm that none of the calls were made from handsets assigned to staff of the Office of the Houses of the Oireachtas (since there are such records for the phones of staff of the Office). I should also point out that that analysis of the calls received from Leinster House (from information provided by Eircom) shows that they were all of less than 5 seconds duration – over a thousand lasted only 1 second - and that they were generally made in groups at roughly 5 second intervals in regular periods during the above days last October.

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of these circumstances and to invite your comments. The costs concerned have been discharged from Houses of the Oireachtas Commission funds since we are contractually obliged to pay Eircom for any calls made from the Leinster House number.

Yours sincerely

[i]I asked a spokesperson for the Oireachtas if anything further was done to get a comment from Jackie Healy-Rae or if anything was done to find out who was responsible for making the calls. I also asked, if the letter was sent in March 2008, why did the Secretary General or his staff not progress the matter any further.

I was told that no action was taken other than sending the letter to Jackie Healy-Rae as there was no legal basis for any action to be taken by them. [/i]

This is hugely disappointing and puts paid to my belief that the entire Oireachtas got behind Michael and Jackie :frowning:

At least She Who Should Not Be Named will now get her rightful title handed to her after these allegations of cheating against the winner are proven to be correct and he rightly abdicates his crown. Well done to the lady who came second in this contest, whoever she may be.




Is this clown for real? It’s no wonder we’re the laughing stock of Europe if this is what our elected representatives are occupying themselves doing. The gombeens in Kerry have a lot to answer for.


AN INDEPENDENT TD has urged the government to consider amending Ireland’s car registration plate system for next year – because some superstitious motorists do not want cars with ’13′ on the plates.

Michael Healy-Rae has called on finance minister Michael Noonan to examine the possibility of changing the registration plate system for next year, saying the move would benefit the motoring industry as a whole.

“There’s people now who, we’ll say, always change their cars every two, three or four years,” Healy-Rae told TheJournal.ie.

“Take you, for instance – you might be one of these men who change their car every three years, and 2013 is your year to change.

“People like you are after going to the garages and saying they’ll wait until the next year” before replacing their cars, he added, simply because they did not want to drive cars carrying a number which is often thought to be unlucky.

Healy-Rae said car deals had already approached him to raise their concerns, which in turn had been fuelled by remarks from prospective car buyers who felt it might be bad luck to drive cars with the number 13 on them.

Alan Nolan from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) said the possibility of a superstitious drop in sales would hurt a sector that is already struggling.

“You have to put this in the context of the market, which has fallen from around 180,000 new cars per year… this year we’re looking at 75,000 or so in new sales,” he said.

“Even if it was five per cent of people [who opted against buying a 2013 car], in a market of 75,000 it’s still something that would have a real problem.”

Nolan said his society had been campaigning for an overhaul of the licencing system because it meant that the car trade was seasonal, with the majority of cars sold in the first quarter of the year.

Ireland could follow the UK’s lead by adding a new identifier to numberplates on cars registered after July, he suggested, by simply putting an X on the numberplate to read ‘X12-D-123456′.

Rural divide

Car dealers in certain areas had also experienced difficulty in car sales given how the county name on a numberplate cannot be edited afterward.
Some Dublin-based dealers were reluctant to buy viable second-hand cars, Nolan suggested, because they carried a rural county – meaning they would be more difficult to sell to another buyer.

“For a fee, as a moneyspinner, a dealer should be able to pay to get the registration changed to their own county,” Nolan said. “Nobody would need to do it, but it would be voluntary, and would help to raise cash for the country.”

The Department of Finance currently has no plans to change the registration plates, but says it is willing to consider proposals in advance of next year’s Budget when such measures would be formally enacted by the Revenue Commissioners.

The fear of the number 13 – formally known as triskadekaphobia – is thought to originate from the Bible, as there were 13 people present at the Last Supper after which Jesus was crucified.

A similar fear exists in Norse mythology, where Loki – seen as something of a devious ‘trickster God’, and who is said to have murdered another god – is the 13th god.

Another theory suggests that 13 is a number suggesting chaos, and that the civilisations of Ancient Persia – who believed the twelve astrological constellations ruled the universe – feared the advent of a 13th constellation that would destroy humanity.

It is common in team sports – and particularly in motorsport – for teams or clubs not to assign the 13 shirt or car number. The last time a Formula One car raced with the number 13 was in 1976.


What a fcuking hero. The people who elected him must be proud of their man.


reilly, the dumb cunt, should have left him choking on the dail floor


TRE’s silence on this is deafening