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Actually @KinvarasPassion

PM me or email me. I have a program from these guys I deal with in the US. It’s one of the most “Pracademic” Programs I ever did for building strength. Covers all the bases and is safer than 5x5



Gerry is a bit of a tool and clearly not educated to talk about the nervous system


What is unsafe about 5x5?


Back Squats

And the general lack of promotion of warm Ups and stability and spine development and Decompression with it


Does he live in a hut?


I’ve given up back squats after years of doing them and I feel way better. I’m playing footy 3 nights a week and no sign of an injury/soreness/tightness with my back… It’s no coincidence.

Doing quick set of planks - jumping squats and jumping lunges for warm up…all also help.


Oddly I’ve never had an issue with them. I was shown them by a zealous strength coach at 17 and he made sure I did them correctly.

5x5 is great for someone like me who couldn’t give much of a fuck about this shit but wants to stay in good nick. Quick and easy.


Good in cycles if your form is good.

It could be 10 years before you see damage if not.

Variety is critical after a while. Your body will adapt


This sounds interesting. What’s involved?


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they re savage bad for you, I have given them up aswell, they put savage pressure on the back, leg press is far safer



Is this the panacea?