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So is the ability to be truly realistically aware actually a dangerous concept


We most likely can’t become truly realistically aware. We are only aware of what our senses detect and how our brain interprets it. The brain didn’t evolve to inform us of any fundamental truth about objective reality, it evolved to help us survive in it.

Sadly as a great philosopher of science once said “not only is the world stranger than we think, the world is stranger than we can think”.


Sadly, or thankfully? Ignorance might be best maybe.

Good luck tomorrow mate


You could be right (or wrong)
Thanks mate, I can do this.


Lovely relaxing hour of Iyengar yoga just there.

After decades of sitting on my arse 50 plus hours a week some of my hip muscles were more of less redundant… Till now, we’re back baby.


You could extend your hurling career another 5 years if you keep it up mate.


I like this notion of the thinking self only being part of you.

And the observing self. The self you really are. Which is perfect.

Whenever you are caught in the pain of the thinking self you can move back to the observing self and view all the absolute horseshit running through your mind, not engaging.

The observing self is always there so there is always hope. The thinking self will reach a plateau in terms of emotions provided you don’t engage.


Shirt term relief I fear.

Some good stuff in that but ultimately you will need to build strength


Sure @KinvarasPassion can lift a calf under each arm.


He is saying his are is weak from years of sitting. Extremely common. Yoga won’t cut it for building that


I’m 2 weeks into a 5x5 strength program too mate. Started at a very low weight on the squats and upto 50kg last session.


Calf squats?


Give the man some basic butt strengthening exercises to get him on his way.


Yes mate, as the calves are thriving I getting a nice addition of weight each session. Once they hit 9 months I’ll probably hit my max


Charge a load of yuppies to come in and do the farm work for you. No brainer.


My missus went on a hen where they paid to do farm work so it’s not as mental as it sounds :grinning:


Very good.
What Squats?

Get a band around the knew and do following too.

Side Plank Adductors

After Squats and Deadlifts

Do the Critical 3 stability previous to doing anything else as well.

McGill Sit Ups x15 e/s
Bird Dogs x15 e/s
Side planks x30s

If you have any issues with the back I have a quick fix circuit I am doing as a lead magnet at the moment. I know you see the page so you will be able to download it. Decompression of back, breathing and realignment based.


Fuck me - I must get onto farmers I know around Carrick-on-Shannon.


Don’t worry mate the Farmers are well ahead of you. There’s loads of them all over the place.



Laughing all the way to the bank!