Mindfulness- Good Karma- Zen


This tortuous morning led me to many caverns in my over active mind. So in an attempt the get the feet back on solid ground I headed for Eagles rock.

@tassotti if your out there pal drop me a PM, I’m whittling away here on a piece of wood.


I have started using Headspace recently and it’s been a revelation. Have only done the starter course but it’s well worth a subscription based on that alone.




Used the free trial alright. Your mans voice can get a bit annoying at times. Would it be part of your morning ritual?


Evening typically. Was on holidays for two weeks so need to get back into it now. Getting your mind back to the physical senses and out of all the shite you have to deal with all day is great. Obviously it helps for unwinding after work, but it’s bigger than that I think. I thought the traffic metaphor was excellent. You have the option of not getting caught up in stuff in your head if you choose to use it. Really showed me how much time I spend in the future or the past and how much less time I spend in the moment. Addressing that it the No.1 thing I aim for with it.


Interesting. I find it hard to make a daily thing but usually its mornings if I do. Can help clear out a lot of crap alright and give a bit of focus on the bigger picture. Must give it another go.


Tell me more about this please.

Is it an app? A guided meditation? What do you get for free? How long does it take?

I’ve been meaning to start doing a wee meditation daily. Good to help with stress when I manage can it. Never manage to be consistent with it though. I’ve used the calm.com app when I do.


I was never so much into the meditation side of mindfulness but more so the idea.

Just watch your mind.

Thoughts cannot be prevented so there is no point trying to do so.

But what can be prevented you reacting to the thought.

Very difficult thing to do.

But it is only when you begin to look at things like such that you begin to see the bombardment of negative shit that hammers your head, with no grounding in reality.

The important thing for me is to acknowledge the thought’s existence and its negativity and not go there. A lot of people like to using breathing during this time in order to bring the focus back to the breath but that never was me. I try distraction.

I don’t think there is anything that cannot be addressed like so. After all a thought is always the starting point.

I found this lady’s writings incredible for her time.


She described in her books the three main pitfalls that lead to Nervous Illness. They are sensitization, bewilderment and fear. She explained that so much nervous illness is no more than severe sensitization kept alive by bewilderment and fear. Dr. Weekes analyzed fear as two separate fears; the first fear and the second fear. She explained that first fear is the fear that comes reflexively, almost automatically. The patient usually immediately recoils from it, and as he/she does, he/she adds a second fear to the first. Second fear is the fear the patient adds to the first fear. Examples of second fear are "Oh, my goodness! Here it is again! I can’t stand it!. It is the second fear that is keeping the first fear alive, keeping the sufferer sensitized, keeping them nervously ill.

Her program was first given to her own patients and then, as word spread of its success, to others in the form of records and cassette tapes. Eventually, she developed a self-help pack consisting of a book and cassette, with Claire Weekes guiding patients through a program. She has summarized this program as follows; facing the feared situation, accepting the feeling of panic, floating through it, and letting time pass.


Gonna do a little mindfulness before bed, chaps.


What’s your mantra pal?



I have a guided meditation to help you relax… Can send via email if you drop a pm.




What does it involve pal?


Just relaxing.


Sticking his thumb up his hole.


I had a spiritual experience out walking in the Sun this morning while practising mindfulness. It’s unreal to be alive.


I was quite put out by the death of that young student earlier in the week…I didn’t know her, she was just one of 80 faces in a class, but she was one of the Few that I remembered as she had a bit of personality…

I was lending my thoughts to the futility of life for most of the week…then this morning out walking with the Sun shining on my face and the sounds of birds chirping I thought about the circle of life and the will to live no matter what. That young girl sat her exams and attended classes right up to the end, knowing she was dead in a few weeks but she wanted to live right up to the end… The realisation of that with the effect of the Sun on my face and the birds in my ear was truly powerful. This young wan, who most people would say at 19 hardly lived, lived more than some 90 year olds who spent their whole lives cut off from themselves and the world… I never knew her but she has deeply affected my world and left me with an amazing gift.


I have two friends that waste a serious amount of life trying to justify or make meaning out of life. One even got a degree in psychology to try to understand life/human condition. Both read Robins, Chopra and all those other cunts. All the while they’re missing out on actually living and none the wiser. Enjoy life, try not to fuck up other people’s life, enjoy your kids/wife/partner if you have them and die happy. Not directing that at you, but life is futile and that’s not really a problem.