Mindfulness- Good Karma- Zen


Well this is it, we are missing life and letting it pass us by everyday…and by life I mean ourselves and the relationships we have with others.




I’ve been incorporating 10 minutes of meditation into my day for over a year now thanks to @KinvarasPassion advice.


I wish I took my own advice pal, a great habit that i somehow lost along the way.


Not long after a lovely 5k meditative jog. The joy of being mindful and alive is unreal.


PM please mate


Send on your email.


I had polarity therapy today… An amazing experience


10 minutes in the company of Jack Carter this morning pal. Time well spent, havent had such clarity in months. A real purpose to every task this morning so far.


He’s a wonderful, wonderful man… @Horsebox, send on an email address… make one up if you’re afraid of revealing yourself… just get it done.


I’d forgotten about this. PM sent, kid.


@Horsebox- how you getting on with Jack Carter, pal?


Breathing in peace, breathing out stress… breathing in peace, breathing out stress… breathing in peace, breathing out stress.


Forgot all about it since last week but I’ve just downloaded it onto my phone, pal. Is this something that could be listened to on the walk into work or do I need a quiet room for thisl?


This particular one is best done sitting/lying down, pal… it can be done anywhere really, even at your work desk but best be in a quiet enviroment I suppose.


Lying in bed works well


I got up at ten to five and mediated for 15 minutes this morning with enigma "return to innocence’ as the background music


I’ve an 8 hour mindfulness workshop tomorrow…what an amazing way to spend a Sunday… I’ll probably fast and meditate till about 6pm.


Just out from a session with Jack Carter - those in the know will know.

That was session 1 of a 6 week course - ‘Together we heal’


Skipping The Sunday Game tonight to practice some mindfulness instead. Have a meeting tomorrow morning that’s going to be a tempestuous and heated affair. I want to be cool, calm and collected and other things Ger Canning says out of context in hurling commentaries. I need to be relaxed but sharp and focused as I can’t give the other side too much latitude to run the meeting on their terms. I’m starting by listening to The Lonesome Boatman while visualising the top 3 hand gestures I plan on using tomorrow.