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You’ll cut them to shreds pal. Do a quick 5 minute visualisation top up just prior to the meeting and picture the outcome you want. You will receive.



Guys, he shouted and pointed his finger at me aggressively but I retained my composure. It was like I was sitting in another room watching myself calmly deconstruct his points. I never wavered. I kept the faith. I put it down to Celtic’s appointment of Brendan Rodgers and mindfulness techniques.


Good man @Bandage. If I’ve a hostile meeting I normally yawn my way through it and when the other party start to get heated I’d look up at the ceiling or out the window and then pretend I can’t hear them as if I’ve ‘zoned out’ when they question me for a response. It unsettles them all the time.


Mindful eating lads, its the new fad, it is changing my life in amazing ways


Asking yourself questions like why you’re eating (are you just bored?), what you’re eating (is it the best choice to fuel your active body?) and how much you should eat (do you need three slices of pizza or will two or even one do?) and then tuning into the taste of your meal. It can help you slash hundreds of calories a day. In one study, people with binge-eating disorders were actually able to reduce their weekly binge episodes from more than four per week to just one and a half through mindful eating practices.



If you could get a roaster to just leave the fork down on the plate for just 30 seconds a few times during a meal the simpleton cunts brain would realise alot sooner that he’s full and he’d stop eating.

But no, the cunts keep shoveling in the low grade carbs like its 1847 and sure enough the 3pm slump rolls around and the answer is some low grade sugar hit.

For Christ.




Is there such a thing as mindful drinking pal? Something that you could rely on after say 3 drinks or so and stop you heading for alcohol poisoning. This would be a great time of the year for it, my closest brushes with alcohol related death have occurred over the festive period.


listen to this for half an hour lads, its after settling myself and the young lad down, I am able to maintain my focus now fr the rest of the day and my calrity of thought has returned


Robbed this off Twitter

Before you step into 2017, cancel your subscriptions to other people’s dramas and negativity



Guys, whats the go to book on Mindfulness these days? Are we still recommending The Chimp Paradox?



Derren Brown


For sure?


Any NLP tips in the book?


Stoicism is the flavour of this one - the secret sauce.

He has another book with lashings of NLP

If you go for lunch now it’s because i suggested it


I brunch mate


Picked up The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris yesterday.

It looks good.


You do know NLP is rubbish ya?