Missing members


He was cited and banned for a late tackle until March 1


He’ll hardly come back this time, he hates it here.


fuck you @chocolatemice


What sorta hooch you putting away?


black bush
green spot
black bush

still can’t decide

Go Clemson!


They can’t accuse you of not doing your bit anyway.


Christ it would really make your heart sink to log on and see that, what an awful start to the day.


@backinatracksuit and @chocolatemice


@chocolatemice has gone into hiding in anticipation of the Patriots getting their ass handed to them tomorrow. A self imposed omerta so to speak.


He tried to rope in a few more but no joy.


@chocolatemice has great expectations


Moving to Cork has turned him I feel


I presumed @Corksfinedtboy was another version of @chocolatemice


Sorry bud,I’m me ,for better or worse,not perfect,but proud Cork,throw what ye want , doesent matter a whit to me, Corcaigh abu


In fairness the forum is a much more vibrant place since @chocolatemice and his suffocating presence fucked off


he’s working very hard at developing this character in fairness, he has devoted his full attention to it


I knew the John Bruton post on the scum fein thread would smoke him out under the cork alias. He couldn’t control himself


Cork alias? Hope that’s not pointing at me? Different chappie, although live within. 5 km


Lord Boyneside can drive lads demented allright


Thought you said you were from Derry?