Missing People In Ireland


Gussie Shanahan case on Crimecall.


Was Gussie the lad who was into joyriding and lifted the wrong car?


Buried today @farmerinthecity. That’s a husband and son buried and poor oul’ Pat missing with years now. He’ll not be found either - got in with a bad crowd.



Did I read this right, he was at his own wedding reception and got in his car and hasn’t been seen since?


Well done.


Thanks cunt features. Just making sure I hadn’t missed anything but if makes you feel better about being a cunt go right ahead. Glad i could help.

Besides @TreatyStones being a cunt, hard to know what to make of it, its a bit late if you go through with everything and then get do a runner at the reception or maybe everything got a bit much on the day and he needee time to clear his head. Im hoping its those 2 scenarios.


Why are you lashing out at poor @TreatyStones?


If I’m reading it right he’s lashing out because I made a fairly sarcastic reply to his post .


Taz is acting quite suspiciously here…


Well done




Because he is cunt.

Just because i am not jumping in with both feet as is the TFK way he acts the cunt.


you jumped in with three feet mate


Ah here we go muldoons circling the teleporters now. Better watchout now for crazed muldoons


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It’s afternoon actually


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Calm down @tazdedub