Missing People In Ireland

Neighbor by the sound.

Is it fair to say that sicko Eamon Cooke killed Phillip cairns?

Yes, I’d say so.

There’s a 14 year old gone missing in Wexford here. I see that she went missing last year as well. Surely something must happen with guardians second time around? (hopefully of course, she’s found).

She’s nearly missing a week now. You wouldn’t be too hopeful after that long

Located safe and well thankfully.

Not sure if this is the same person @Barname mentioned here before.

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I remember the former DJ Gareth O’Callaghan really pushing this angle on social media a few years back. He seemed to suggest that a bigger paedo group might be at play here and thats why Cooke was never tackled.

A lot of these recurring missing children are children who are in care / foster homes. Very little can be done to stop them absconding

This is a sad story but at least they identified the poor man




Something terribly sad about unmarked graves. Good that he’s been identified at least


Reckon he got the boat home and hitched as far as Meath. Thought he had nothing to go home for then and saw no way out. It’s a horrible thing.

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The man left all his belongings behind so I suppose there’s your answer really .
He even left money to pay up his rent :cry:

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You know from that he was a kind and decent and humble man.

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