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Suspects in Annie McCarrick case ‘gave me an alibi’, says ex-garda

Former detective Alan Bailey, who played a key role in the investigation, said the brothers had already been questioned by gardaí in Ms McCarrick’s case

Suspects in Annie McCarrick case 'gave me an alibi', says ex-garda

Annie McCarrick went missing on March 26, 1993. Picture: Garda Press Office

THU, 11 MAY, 2023 - 21:05


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The former sergeant in charge of the Garda Cold Case Unit who was investigating the case of Annie McCarrick said two brothers who are now suspects in the case, previously provided him with an alibi.

Ms McCarrick went missing on March 26, 1993, and has been the subject of a high-profile investigation for several years.

A number of suspects were linked to the case over the years, and this week gardaí renewed its focus on two brothers from Dublin.

Former detective Alan Bailey, who played a key role in the investigation, told the Irish Examiner the men had already been questioned by gardaí in Ms McCarrick’s case.


He said: “These brothers were questioned before, but they had an alibi, so something has changed. They are already known to the investigation team.

I am glad to see the case is now a murder case, it is something I had called for a long time. It gives the gardaí more powers and it also shows the cold case unit don’t give up on things, even when people get frustrated that it’s not happening quick enough.”

Ms McCarrick, from New York, was living and working in Ireland when she vanished. She had been living in Sandymount in south Dublin and worked as a waitress in Donnybrook. She was 26 when she went missing.

She is one of several women who disappeared in the 1990s.

Imelda Keenan from Waterford was 22 when she also went missing on January 3, 1994.

Her brother, Gerry, told the Irish Examiner that new information in Annie McCarrick’s case gives the families of missing people renewed hope.

He said: “My sister is missing for more than 30 years. I believe she was murdered, but right now she is just another missing person. I think when a case is upgraded to murder, like it is in Annie McCarrick’s case, it makes it even more serious, and it gives the gardaí a chance to delve deeper.

"I can’t give up on my own sister, and we watch all these developments hoping for the best for everyone involved, including us”.

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Who are the brothers HB and PB in the Annie McCarrick case? Obviously I’ll take a DM.

I will too.

That Alan Bailey is some mouthpiece.


A despicable individual.

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He wrote in his book (surprise) that Annie was killed by some IRA fella she was with in Johnnie Foxes.


He seems to be the official mouthpiece now the “Sheriff” has been run out of town after the kerry babies.


Turns out the whole Man In Black angle in the Trevor Deely case was a dead end. You’d be curious as to that person’s story in a way, caught by chance on CCTV over 20 years ago and a whole raft of theories spun up on the INTERNET about their presence that night.

Where did you read that?


I wouldn’t be a fervent conspiracy theorist, but it seems a common police tactic these days is to make a public statement that an individual is not a suspect, just to see what they pick up on surveillance of the individual afterwards. This one seems a bit odd, as in…why did they not come forward? It was one of the most publicised, and detailed missing person campaigns in the country, with appeals every year on the anniversary. There was a crumlin lad from a family of criminals who was pimping a number of women on the canal at the time, and selling some drugs along with it. He was considered a suspect at one point on the theory it may have been a drug transaction that went wrong, or an issue arising out of an interaction with one of the working women. The theory that he fell into the water seems to be argued black and blue, that due to the nature of either the locks or something or other, there’s no way his body would have been washed out to sea, or not found by divers. One of our strangest ones.

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Yeah you’d love to know more about who this person was and even how they were identified all these years later. Were they familiar with the case and just not realise it was them or were they completely oblivious… or was there more to it? They were arguably the most famous unidentified suspect in any case in the country.

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I read that the Gardai sent the footage to the UK and with new technology were able to clear up the image. I dunno, it sounds odd. Even if they were able to sharpen the image to reveal a clear face, how did they find the chap 23yrs later without making a public appeal? Perhaps there’s an arrest imminent, and they’re playing it smart. If I remember correctly, the most recent article I read was that this was the guy walking behind him, but not the guy at the gate…or something like that.

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Super Troopers Reaction GIF by Searchlight Pictures

The lad at the gate was the creepy one.

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The odd thing was, they reported in 2017 or something that they’d sent the video to the UK to get cleaned up and confirmed the guy at the gate and the guy walking behind him were the same whereas their new cleanup contradicts this, but somehow identified one of them. Maybe gateman will be shitting the pants for 6yrs time when it gets sent to the UK for a new technology cleanup and identifies him. :ghost:

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Don’t believe the cleanup thing tbh. Reckon they’re trying to shake something loose.


I’m confused; is this the CCTV footage taking from the ATM machine? I don’t know how enhancements of the imagery could work seeing that his face is not visible in that footage; both the missing person and the person walking behind him have their back to the camera.

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Trevor’s brother said yesterday that the person from the bank camera on Haddington Road walking behind Trevor has been ruled out. He alluded to the fact that the guards were happy with this.

There was a theory that this person was the same person who was seen talking to Trevor in the enhanced footage outside his office. There was no mention of that person being ruled out.

I don’t know - too many coincidences going on if you ask me,


AGS were able to enhance the grainy video and contact and rule out the man,
Blow to the investigation but at least it kept it alive for a long time,
Awful awful having to relive that for that poor family
You’d imagine someone in this day n age could pass on the missing jigsaw pieces to let the law sort it,
Some heartless bastards obviously know where that man lies.

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