Missing People In Ireland

They’re usually in care of the state when they’re repeat runaways, and not without reason

Fifth anniversary of the Icelandic who went missing in Dublin? The big question in my head is, Who, on a foreign fucking holiday leaves the hotel without your phone AND wallet? He brought his keycard, and by the looks of the still of his last known sighting, cigarettes.

Here are my crackpot theories:
(i) He decided to commit suicide, whether it was from an argument with the travelling fiancé or gambling of money he shouldn’t have.
(ii) He was meeting international criminal elements that are based in Dublin and he was told to leave his phone behind. Murdered over an unpaid debt.


So no phone meant he didn’t want his whereabouts to be tracked. No wallet meant he didn’t want whoever he met to know his true identity and/or force him to take more money out. Knocking shop or shooting gallery, pick your poison.

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His phone could have just been charging.

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I’m not familiar with that part of Dublin. It seems weird if they’re searching it on the back of a tip-off. Not exactly the Dublin mountains, or somewhere one would generally associate with high crime levels in the capital. A tip-off wouldn’t really suggest an accidental drowning in a body of water. It could be someone trying to throw gardai off the scent or a crackpot wasting their resources.

It’s a gorgeous park but actually very quiet. Feels quite sealed off when you’re in there. And with lots of places to hide a body i suppose.

An odd case. It must be a nightmare for a family to have someone missing for that long a time, and presumed dead with no body to bury. Always that torturous glimmer of hope, I’d imagine.

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Is that the church by Dennehy’s Cross?

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