Missing People In Ireland


Where have the brazzers come from in this? Has this been established?


TD looking for a prossie certainly is a strong theory. However, if he had arranged a prossie through MIB1 then surely phone records would show this? There is still plenty that doesn’t add up.


That area he was walking was a well known red light district back then. That and the fact the new cctv footage looks sinister to an extent, has people putting 1 and 1 together and getting 3.


I’d imagine at that time of technology the walk up business was still very much in vogue.


He possibly met MIB1 somewhere else on his journey to BOI and was propositioned.
And we know there always was and still is a strong connection between BOI staff and the D2 / D4 Prostitution scene.


I’m thinking TD meets MIB2 somewhere near Buck Whaley’s. Between MIB2 and TD, they agree to meet the main pimp at the gate. Money exchanges in those 30 seconds we can’t see between the gates. Pimps tell TD that his lady will be down by Haddinton Rd in 30 mins. TD goes into work place to kill time.

Or else TD kept walking to Irishtown and threw himself into the Irish sea and has never been found. While the new cctv defo looks suspect, I’m still 50/50 on whether it was suicide or murder.

The €100k reward is a hope that a prossie will talk. Also, you’d have to wonder whether the gards have some very strong leads here but are not sharing to the public as they want to bounce on the main suspects once they’ve actually got some evidence obviously.


As a former resident of the general area I can confirm that the area was known for prostitution.

I think I walked by Buck’s that night but I can’t confirm or deny. It was the last Thursday night of my college term and the taxis were on strike.

I’m not surprised @Gman used to frequent the area to be honest.


I don’t see that honestly.

Conducting a transaction like that at the gate of your workplace. :neutral_face:

Secondly it looks like he was on the phone when he arrived, so that is likely the distraction from him going to the gate.

Thirdly the MIB’s reaction to their conversation is strange. He seems to he either a drunkard in how his head bows against the wall after their interaction or he is upset/disappointed by something.

I could well see it being like Bandage claims or close to it. MIB is a pimp and scouting for business, makes the suggestion to Deely at the gate. Deely outside work says no thanks and that’s why we see the guy looking disappointed as they thought they had a customer/mugging victim all set up. Once Deely leaves work his attitude changes without the glare of your office and security and he goes looking where he was told to go.

Though as @johnnysachs states, money really holds this back from being possible. He didn’t go to the ATM again when he walks right passed one in our shot. He could have had money stashed in his drawer in the office but really that doesn’t seem likely.


So I assume it was been covered off /confirmed already that he couldn’t have had cash on him? In that he took out £60 earlier and had apparently bought a bottle of champagne that night?
I’m guessing the champers was close to £50 maybe?


Maybe he had cash on him and only took out the £60 as a top up in case. Cash would have been king in those days.


Exactly. Could have had punts in his wallet since before he went off to Alaska. Who knows though.


True enough.


was the maxol on the corner of Mespil Road and baggot st 24 hour back then? my recollection was that it was one of those window type set ups for late night 24 hour purchases and there is/was an Ulster bank ATM at it too. but not sure how long it has been there or when it was first put in there. Plus if looking for an ATM, the obvious route would have been down Baggot st where you had a couple which would have been on his direct route as well as the 24 hour spar. as you say, it would make no sense to go down Haddington Road if looking for either an ATM or shop.


Jaysus lads you are making Columbo look like an amateur.


He was


TFK will be entitled to part of the €100k after we crack this one open.


Im surprised Garda HQ have not contacted @Rocko for assistance in solving this case.


Maybe they have and the 100 is "resting on his account "


Who’s putting up the €100,000 and would it really entice someone to squeel? you cant exactly set up a new life for yourself away from the perpetrators of the crime.


The last sighting of him is passing an ATM so he couldn’t have been looking for one!