Missing People In Ireland


yeah that was my general point anyway, it would have made no sense for him to be looking for an ATM or shop by going down Haddington road. Very unusual route to take either way.


There was a recent case where a man was convicted of a murder which happened 30 years earlier. He had been seen shouting outside her house the night of the murder, had confessed in public and it still took 30 years for the wheels of justice to get going. Our beloved Gardai won’t solve this one. To do so would only highlight their incompetence.


Trying to make sense of somebody’s actions while under the influence of alchohal is a complete waste of time.


The RNLI must have had something to do with this.


Was he a pot smoker? The two lads at the gate might have been street dealers and trying to push drugs on him. Maybe he had bought pot off them before.


The kid is on the money here. Second guessing lads who are pissed at 4 in the morning is a fools game.


This afternoon, David and Mark were contacted by a Garda officer who stated that these two new figures have “previously been identified” as Trevor’s work colleagues.



And whomever are the work colleagues certainly interacted with the man in black…


Curiouser and curiouser



The Gard’s release highly edited footage of someone they want to speak to along with a reward. They decide the context of the release and they alone.

Slowly we see some leaks of still photographs of others at this gate.

Now apparently these two are work colleagues…standing outside the gates of their office on a Christmas party night at 3.37am in the pissing rain. Never mentioned by the Gard’s in their press release but we get leaked pictures of them.


To me this is more and more evidence of a complete clusterfuck by the Guards.


If it wasn’t for the Deeley family themselves going round gathering up CCTV from the area, then we wouldn’t even be at this point. Incredible. The fucking guards.

And its a total head scratcher that on pushing this new appeal they released stills focusing on one man, but subsequently sleuths have since discovered a second man and now third man beside this original ‘person of interest’. Could this be a deliberate ploy by the guards to focus on one man, who they maybe know more than they are letting on and know that he is responsible for Trevor’s disappearance. Are they trying to spook him? Without Trevor’s body or an accomplice/confession coming out they can’t charge him. There is also the very real possibility that I am giving the guards too much benefit of doubt here and that they are in fact grossly incompetent/negligent in this investigation from the outset and up to present day.

But still nagging at me is the Alaska woman. He went there on a whim and to use an expression we use here, he was sent home with his tea in a mug. 22yrs old and maybe hadn’t much experience with women. There is every chance that her rejection hit him very hard. He was putting on a brave face to those at home. I can’t get around the fact that he only returned from Alaska on the Tuesday, but by the early hours of Friday morning was never seen again. Its very, very coincidental. Could it be that two nights after returning with his heart broken he went out on the lash and made a drunken, spontaneous, opportunistic decision to jump over that small wall along his walk home and into the dodder to end it all. Body washed out to sea etc.

His sister though says that a day after he disappeared “she thinks” his phone was ringing out after she tried it a few times. If that’s the case then its very unlikely he voluntarily leapt in the dodder. Its amazing that these cunts of guards couldn’t do more to trace his phone. They were able to nail Joe O’Reilly and Robert O’Donoghue for their crimes from the early 00’s by tracing the movement of their phones.


Broadsheet are now reporting that the Gardaí have confirmed that MIB2 and MIB3 (with umbrella) were work colleagues of TD and not persons of interest. This is unreal, unbelievable. Is MIB1 “Peter”, the security guard?


WTF is wrong with people who work in boi that they hang around their office at 4 in the morning.


His sister tried to ring him 4 times over the course of the weekend. It rang out each time. The battery life in those old nokias would have lasted 2 or 3 days. I think if he jumped in the Dodder the phone would have went dead instantly and any subsequent calls would have went through to voicemail.

Aside from that he seemed in quite jovial form. Wearing silly party hats and buying champagne isn’t consistent with the demeanor of a man who was going to end it all.

He also collected Contact lenses from his dads office. Again I’m sure these wouldn’t have been deemed necessary if he was suicidal. He also collected an umbrella because he was afraid of getting wet.

Would he have left a note or at least maybe had a bit of time for his other siblings or parents? It doesn’t have the hallmarks of suicide. He also had plans to meet friends in Fletchers in Naas the following day.
I think it is one of the theories put out there that I think is least likely.


All good points. I don’t think it was suicide either. His actions that night certainly aren’t in line with someone suicidal. Unless it was a spontaneous, instantaneous decision as he walked along the dodder and looked into the water. He was half cut so decision making won’t be the best. If its nothing to do with him being spurned two days previously by a love interest he went thousands of miles to visit then its very coincidental timing. But maybe its just that.


Lads, it is said that people who have been suffering depression for a long time, and make the decision to end their life, are buzzing up to the point of doing it. It is a twisted logic that there is an end to their suffering in sight.

I agree with @Smark with regard to the significance of the Alaska trip. Also, crucially, I think it shows a huge tendency to act on an impulse which means he could quite easily have hopped the wall in Ballsbridge.


What’s the exact link with Alaska? He met some Yank in Temple Bar and followed her over there unannounced?


Ya you’d always hear stories of people who died by suicide having done things like buying new clothes or having been in great form etc in the hours leading up to the act


He got the flight for something like 80 punts and had annual leave.

He started working full time relatively young and was a college drop out so wouldn’t have been going on J1s and the likes. Young and itchy feet, hardly a big story.

He’s hardly the first young person to go off and do something like that.