Missing People In Ireland


When i was a young lad in Sydney I went on an all night drinking session, got chatting to a girl i knew in the tea gardens and ended up going into a travel agents at 9am, and booking a flight to Darwin with her for 7 that evening.


That never happened


Is that what you told the judge ?




Have attached this for reference.

A: Bank of Ireland
B: where he was last seen - Milanos CCTV
C: Home

If he was going to jump into the river the bridge at Ballsbridge(X) looks like the most logical choice. I’m sure there would have been plenty of witnesses to that even at 4 in the morning.


Where does the Dodder come into it? If he was last seen around Percy Place then he’d had to have walked to that bridge on Bath Avenue, Ringsend or Ballsbridge. All at least a 10/15 mins walk from Milanos there so surely he’d have been picked up somewhere else on CCTV.


Maybe he met the scissor sisters


The search for CCTV started very late. The footage they got from AIB was very close to being destroyed. A lot of places might only store a weeks worth of CCTV.


The broadsheet article someone linked above raises an interesting point that I have never seen mentioned. How do they know he didn’t get home safely to the apartment. Both flatmates were on holiday. He could have got home slept in his bed and just left the following morning and disappeared at that point. Nobody could say definitively what may or may not have been moved in the apt or if his bed was slept in etc…

Now i assume they checked Cctv for apartment block and didn’t track him returning in etc but has that been formally closed off somewhere that iv missed


He also put work reminders into his computer when he checked his emails in the office. Not the behaviour of someone off to top themselves.


I’d say there are some ex forumites who would have had enough for a bottle of
Champers and some prossie action out of 60 punts


No sign of the clothes he had been in or any damp shoes et cetera.


I’d say there are some current ones too


In light of the overall circumstances it’s as easy explain them away as any of the other dozen open poibts. Especially if he wished to disappear without trace


I have kept my silence on the Trevor deely affair till I saw all the available evidence. Now that I have I am tempted to suggest that something untoward may have occurred. Appreciate this is an early shout but I call it as I see it.


If he walked either of those 3 distances though surely he’d have been spotted by someone. He couldn’t cover that much ground without someone seeing him. His face was literally on every lampost in Dublin for a good year after he disappeared.


Why are the two work colleagues not persons of interest? Seem interesting enough to me. Do we know what the fuck they were at back there at that time?


Crucially they weren’t up before he disappeared though.


Probably same as Deely. Walking home from the party after being on Leeson Street, only one has an umbrella and probably ultimately going in different directions so the other legs it in to grab an umbrella while his colleague waits outside standing under his. BIAM was a big enough company (if I recall correctly - it was sold off during the downturn and merged into State Street or something [I think]) and I’m speculating it was a group wide Christmas party rather than just a gathering for the 8-10 IT help desk heads. They could have been on a different floor / section to Deely and Pender and the lad who may have nipped into the office probably didn’t have any interaction with them. I’m also assuming the Gardai haven’t asked about them as they don’t regard them as suspects for whatever reason. Could they not have given a more accurate description of MIB1 to Gardai though?


Was there any footage of Deely leaving his workplace?