Missing People In Ireland


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@briantinnion - please link to all the background pieces and CCTV video footage in your next post. Include the 3-part Irish Times piece from 2015, the latest broadsheet stuff, the videos from that American chap who doesn’t know the past tense of “knows”.


yes there is footage of him leaving, heads towards haddingtom road and is seen (for the last time) on
cctv i think at an old bank of ireland, now milanos. same cctv shows a guy walking behind him and then a girl, both of whom have never come forward, the guy though doesn’t in my eyes resemble the stature of the guy outside his workplace.


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I am aware that there is a feeling of euphoria and release when a person decides to end it all. Finally all the pain and suffering will be over. I thought this might be applicable to a person with a long history of depression though who has been battling their demons for years. He may have been disheartened from being rejected in Alaska but wouldn’t have had much time to process it properly in my opinion. If you look at the whole shock, anger, rejection, acceptance model you would have to think that it wasn’t an impulsive act following on from his fruitless trip to Alaska. I wouldn’t read too much into impulsive nature of his trip to Alaska. There was an opportunity to go. Many young naive Irish lads at that young age have made similar trips I would imagine.


The Guards (or Gards if you’re a boards.ie user) are briefing The Sunday Times that credible intelligence suggests he’d arranged to meet a man and woman in the Baggot Street area. The unidentified people on the CCTV footage are MIB1 and a woman. Gardaí think MIB1 captured on the footage outside his office is the same man who was later following him down Haddington Road and the BOI ATM at the corner of Baggot / Haddington showed a lone woman following shortly after that. Percy Place just to the left off Haddington Road was a known area for ladies of the night at that time and it wasn’t his direct route home. I’m not seeing the suicide angle.


I’m a lot less intrigued now that I’ve realised I misread men in black one as my boy blue.


So is he. He was expecting a hape of likes out of it.


I was concerned myself for a while.


The article Tim posted suggests two of his work colleagues were there looking into BIAM while MIB1 was also there. Could they not identify this MIB1 or answer questions as to why he was there.

I’m also very dubious about the brazzer angle. It’s pissing rain, windy, horrible conditions, are you really going to be that horny you will ride some weapon outside in the cold and rain at 4am, just after popping into work to chat to a colleague and pick up an umbrella? Also would it really be arranged through some local scumbag pimp rather than just being offered by the girl herself, assuming he walks by her.

The way MIB1 follows TD down HR in the footage seems very sinister, rather than some deal to be made.

It is still unclear if indeed those two men to the left of MIB1 are work colleagues, it hasn’t really being fleshed out at all their interactions with MIB1 or reasons for being there. Referred to as Mark and Gerard in the broadsheet article, iirc. Surely they can explain a couple of the uncertainities. If they aren’t the two work colleagues in the stills then this points to a sinister 2/3 man team conspiring against TD.

I’ve just watched JFK again so am slightly rattled re-reading through this.


That’s exactly what we are saying with regards to MIB1. He’s the local scumbag pimp.


I get that, I’m disputing if it would be arranged in this manner


You’ve obviously never walked down Catherine St in Limerick


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trevor setting up a meeting with a prosser is a possibility with him just coming from bukcs, as he did have a lot of boozing done that night, something must have went drastically wrong then, did he have enough £ for the woman and with him kinda pissed a row could have broken out , i dont’ think the intention was to kill td or kidnap him to take £ from work either


can the guards not interview them again , Totally agree with you on this what a comple f up with these footages, if these are work colleagues then they followed trevor leaving his work place ?


It doesn’t make sense that the Guards won’t be up more CCTV of the MIB1 imo.

It would be helpful to see him there for the full 30 minutes before Deely arrives and afterwards.

  • Who else did he interact with?
  • Did he take any calls?
  • His general demeanor
  • What the interaction with was like with these apparent work colleagues. They were standing there for at least 36 seconds with this guy

The whole Garda approach seems to be to try to weed out someone to talk by releasing snippets of information and holding bits back. It was an appeal to specific person (s) than the general public.