Missing People In Ireland


They have/are reviewing all the statements they got and you’d imagine they got back onto people with more specific questions.


I had a run in with a retired guard over the weekend. He lives in the same estate as me. It was a memorial Mass for my aunt and there were a few cars outside the house. The cunt started beeping the horn and roaring at us to move the cars even though you could drive a bus through. Cunt was giving it loads about how he could call the guards in the station to come up and ‘sort me out’. He asked me for my name. I told him to fuck off. He then proceeded to ask me if I knew who he was and he told me he was ‘the retired sergeant in this town’. I said ‘so what?’ which infuriated the cunt further. At that point his missus told him to get back in the car which he did and drove off.

A bit off topic but still just goes to show what you are dealing with regarding these clowns.


would it be a case either that he arranged to meet a prozzie, then when he got a bit of fresh air, a bit of soberness and realised he didnt have enough money and didnt want to go ahead with it? hence the discussion and subsequent entry to the office and hanging around there, in the hope yer man would leave and he’d just head on out then.

the whole half leaked garda stuff and then all of a sudden naming 2 of the lads at the gates as work colleagues is just really odd.


In relation to your question about MIB1 at the gate and his general demeanor, what is quite telling is he took a 30 second phone call just before Trevor arrived. As he hangs up the phone he edges out from the gate to the road and takes a look up Leeson street from where TD which was the direction TD was coming from. He then retreats back to the gate where shortly TD would arrive. It looks like he took a phone call from a spotter. Said spotter may have been MIB2 who was at the gate at 3.37am. TD went through the gate at 3.35.

I cant accept that MIB2 is some random guy taking a piss beside a total stranger (MIB1) through the bars of a gate.


You aren’t being asked to accept that.
You are being asked to accept that MIB2 is in fact another BOI employee who was interviewed by the guards at the time and was deemed not to be of interest to the case.


Garda training college is basically a drop out centre for thick fuckers who couldn’t hack their arts degree in college. The levels of arrogance and self entitlement of these fuckers is incredible whilst all the time plummeting to new depths of incompetence. If they had any balls at all they would have joined the defence forces and went to the Golan Heights.


Leeson Street you mean.

Either way these work colleagues were there from at least 3:37.04 (one facing in the direction, talking to the MIB) and were still there at at least 3:37.40, with at least the MIB and one of the work colleagues looking into the building (and probably the person under the brolly). The Guards in their release said that the MIB left and went across the road after he talked to Deely, he clearly did not.

It should also be pointed out that the person with the umbrella came in from the right, so presumably was a short bit behind Deely with CCTV of that showing that person arriving in. There’s just so much more that they have on this that they won’t release.


Ok well then I think this BOI colleague should be investigated.

What were his motivations for being there?
Was it on his way home?
If so why didn’t TD and MIB2 leave together if they were leaving Bucks at the same time and going the same direction?
What interaction and conversation did he have with MIB1?
Was he in contact with the security guard or Karl Pender?
On what basis was he deemed to be of no further interest to investigation and what criteria were used to rule him out. It would be interesting to check phone records. Does he have an alibi? Can he account for him movements between 3.37 and 4.30?
Was he in work the following day?


Correct. Leeson St.


A lot of them would have been bullied in school so see it as an opportunity to gain vingince.


We know none of this.


there are 4 people , ok if 2 are work colleagues that still leaves 2 other people unidentified, surely the 2 work colleagues would have found this odd seeing 2 stranger on or near the gates, td was definitely followed by at least 1 person leaving work (possibly 2 ) the 2 colleagues appear to holding back info ?


Newsflash. Not every one who comes out of a nightclub boozed up or otherwise would be interested in procuring a prostitute.


Karl Pender was the only one who was supposed to be working that night. In his witness statement he said that he was covering for a colleague who had phoned in sick. He had also covered the night previous and wasn’t due in until the Monday. Trevor was supposed to be working the following day (Friday). KP states that he was surprised to see anyone including Trevor so its safe to assume that MIB 2 wasn’t expected either. What business had he at those gates? Does Trevors spontanteous entry put him off entering the building. I would be interested to know how much time he spent at the entrance? Maybe they should repay a visit to MIB2


No, but one person might


dont think anyone said they are. His last known whereabouts are from an area that was known for prostitutes. It was off the route to his home. There are shady characters talking/waiting/following him in the vicinity. It’s just one of a multiple of possibilities and probably one that isnt been touted much publicly as it wouldnt be one that the family would like to hear about. There are plenty of stories about what could have happened, it could be very simple, or it could be very untoward as funtime has declared.


I suspect it is unsafe to base a theory around this poor chaps disappearance on the assumption that he might have been engaged in such carry on. It is worth noting that the gentleman who first floated this theory on this thread, himself lives in a brothel and as such his world view is likely to be a little bit warped.


It was Garda sources who first floated this theory.


There is absolutely no evidence for this speculation, which is more likely to be why it isn’t touted much publicly.


I rest my case.