Missing People In Ireland


Double post


Everything is speculation. There’s no evidence for anything.


No there is quite a bit of evidence. But none at all that involves prostitution.


And the evidence indicates what?


Its far worse than that JS.


we can’t rule it out either , if we rule out suicide, that leaves us with a planned attack or a mugging gone wrong, i still can’t get my head round the fact that the 2 colleagues not finding it strange about the 2 other people at the gates


The building is in a prominent position on one of the busiest streets in Ireland. It would be entirely normal for people to be hanging around.


We have evidence from @Gman who admits he was a regular visitor to the area at that time.



The fucker wasn’t a mutant either, would he not have made an attempt to pull instead? Young fellas using prostitutes would want a good talking to.




The funniest comedy sketch I have ever seen.

So perceptive and funny. The wonderful irony of the guards rolling out official language while being completely inept.

‘An interview would have to be done with that man straight away’


@briantinnion, please withdraw @johnnysachs ’ posting rights for this thread.


That’s an arsehole of a post right there.


Listen mate, lads in their early 20s using prostitutes is very much the exception rather than the norm. Any lad leaving a nightclub around Christmas early to find a brazzer is a useless cunt.


Listen mate, lads in there 40s with kids they apparently dote over might be a little less flippant when it comes to hanging, drawing and quartering a fella as on a brasserhunt on the back of some nonsense on tfk. It has already been stated that his family apparently read Internet discussion on the case.


Sorry pal, I never suggested that at all. My point was that lads here seem to have jumped on it as a very likely motive for his meandering and floostering around Dublin, my thoughts are that that type of behaviour is not at all normal for a lad of his age and therefore I consider it quite unlikely, apologies for the confusion. I do see how my post could have been better phrased.


No worries. I obviously misread it as particularly vitriolic.


I love all the part time Barnaby Jones’ we have on board :joy:


Better phrased indeed.