Missing People In Ireland


Dont be a prick. I haven’t had time to trawl through boards.ie and plagiarise views and purport them as my own.


who killed Aaron?


@Fagan_ODowd, were you taxiing in that area back in 2000 or is it a more recent career for you? The office building is a bit of a walk back away from town and the row of nightclubs like Bucks and Leggs. You might have the odd drunkard sitting on steps along Lesson Street for a while after a night out but probably rare enough on such a horrible night to have some chap loitering for such a long time unless he was a dealer / pimp etc who was a regular around the canal area.


The thread on boards is of a far better standard


I don’t think anyone’s doing that on this thread but saying you think the other people who joined MIB1 at the gate after Deely went inside should be investigated is very dumb. The Gardaí have explicitly said they’re not of interest. Do you think they haven’t thought of investigating them before? I’d say there’s a very, very big chance they ruled them out AFTER investigating them.


Ffs would your Mammy have left you out in 2000. Going on like you were the big man about town in 2000 when you were going around in short trousers with a side parting in your hair.

Edit. I lived on Pembroke Lane from 1990-1993 so I know the area like the back of my hand.


What I’ve learned from this thread is that many members are knowledgeable about the prostitution scene in Dublin 4 and the majority of members of our police force were bullied by all the accountants posting on this site.


Correct me if I am wrong here.

Public only became aware of stills of 2 other people in addition to MIB after an article was published in Kildare now. The origin of these stills is from the guards. The still which in itself contained the most clear image of MIB was not in the public domain for all these years. I think you are giving the guards too much credit here. These 2 men were hanging around the gates for 36 seconds and were standing feet away from MIB and they cannot say if he’s 30/40/50 years old, do a photofit, describe what he was wearing.

We know we have Karl Pender who was working, Peter the security guard and 2 random individuals who shall remain nameless. Who I might add were standing feet away from a man who we are now changing our investigation into the disappearance of TD to a suspicious death and offering 100k reward. We dont have one scintilla of information about these 2 people other than a line from Garda press officer saying that they investigated them, nothing to see here, there are not part of our enquiry. Do you not think this is odd and why have these images only been leaked now. Its a pretty big leap to have confidence in the guards who have displayed amazing levels of incompetence to date and were it not for a Conleth Loonan (a friend of TD) we would not have any images to go off.


Dramatic breaking news as the gardai have received back some further enhanced CCTV stills based on a new technology developed in Germany. The net is closing!


You’re the one going on like the big man about town, not I*. “I know the area like the back of my hand” - ffs sake, you gimp. That said, I’ve lived in Dublin since 1999 and lived in Heytesbury Lane from 2004-2008 inclusive so I know the area like the back of my hand.




Agreed jonny. No mention of these two lads previously or release of the footage/stills until now. Yet, we now hear move along, nothing to see here, we cleared them etc etc. It’s beyond amateur.




fair enough, just think ruling out the 2 colleagues altogether who were there with the 2 other people is a bit strange, i just think they might have more info that they are willing to give to gardai, if trevor didn’t engage with a prosser, or suicide, is this then a robbery/gone wrong (not that he would have had much on him) as a result of trevor fighting back


and they including the 2 colleagues if there were along with the 2 other people were there for a considerable period, and from the stills waiting for trevor to back out again, what we definitely don’t know


I’d have thought the most likely two things are either he went into the river or the sea by his own hand (I really hope not), or, he was the victim of a random scuffle/ king hit, and someone threw him into a car boot and he is at sea or buried.
I hope his family get closure. It’s awful.


have the cops actually come out and stated they had been interviewed and are indeed work colleagues? if they are only interested in the guy on the right, surely the work colleague standing at the gate could have helped provide a photofit?


exactly the garda like say in the annie mccarrick case and with jo jo were very slow off the mark , same with trevor, the garda lack of urgency in getting as much info i.e. cctv is unfrogiveable. what they appear to have done quite well is the searches of the nearby canal/rivers which does look to rule out the possibility of trevor falling accidentally into it on the way home but to me the fact that he appears to take a different route home , even with his umbrella suggests panick (i.e. if he suspected he was being followed)


Bandage has already expressed utmost confidence in the Gardai and this is a total misnomer apparently. In me eyes everything needs a context or a frame of reference. Cherry picking which footage is released and withheld muddies the waters. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so. The public are obviously not charged with the responsibility of investigating this case but the Gardai have to rely on the people to help them solve the case. Who knows if they released the full footage what that may trigger. What they have done thus far is fucking shocking.


I’d say their attitude when someone goes missing is ah sure they’ll turn up again and I’d say 99% of those who go missing do turn up again. But in that 1% of cases where they don’t turn up they probably lose days worth of evidence.