Missing People In Ireland


That’s the case in every country particularly with people of his age group.


They already lost 3 days here between last sighting and being reported missing. The family are of a view they didn’t even take it that seriously initially once reported


I guess 4 days had elapsed and it wasn’t until he didn’t turn up in work Monday that BOI contacted his family which set a sequence of phone calls in motion which ended with his brother Mark reporting him missing.

What is hard to understand is their slackness in ascertaining CCTV footage.
We have BOIAM and Milanos CCTV (where he was last sighted). I presume by all the conjecture of his possible paths home they were unable to study other CCTV to confine him to a certain catchment area where he disappeared. Like the US Embassy on Ballsbridge for instance. The net you have to cast becomes a lot smaller.


I would say that both are probably acceptable. I’d have gone for ‘not me’ on the grounds that ‘not I’ made you sound like a bit of a pretentious cunt there.


Shur a look at facebook has someone going missing every day in Ireland. You’d have some pain in your hoop as a guard given half the supposed disappeared turn up a few hours later.


Why did they not use phone to track him. Didn’t they use it in the Guerin murder before then. If phone did not go dead that night then that means he did not go into water that night.

Similar to Dwyer case - no real effort to do anything until the body showed up.



it would have told them he was around baggot st/haddington road/ballsbridge area


@johnnysachs, @daraghj82 - I think we’re approaching this in different ways. I’m well aware that the original investigating team don’t appear to have been up to much. But this cold case unit has had some success in recent times and I’m making an educated guess that they’ve pieced together a much better investigation and pursued many avenues to lead them to this targeted appeal.

They’ve specifically asked for help in identifying MIB1 for that very reason - they think he may have been involved in Deely’s appearance. It’s not a case of them seeking the public’s help in piecing everything together from scratch, working out who all these other people are and what their motives were.

Their work to date has taken them down this narrow path to MIB1. In that context, and given the briefing to The Sunday Times about arranging a meet with a man and a woman, I outlined my theory yesterday.


well why hasnt the lad standing at the gate described the man they are looking for? its mind boggling


Who says he hasn’t? Do you think the guards haven’t bothered asking him?


so he is 2 yards from him, looked at him and cant describe him or do a standard photofit. sorry, i dont get it pal


I wouldn’t be able to do a photofit description of my children, never mind some lad I saw for 30 seconds on a dark night.


you’d be surprised how those things work bud. very common thing even with incompetent cops they’d have a lad in to do it


Yeah but the guy might not be able to describe him at all. I couldn’t tell you what colour eyes my children have or what types of noses they have (other than they’re not @Mac monstrosities) so I’d be useless help. With the passage of time now, I don’t know how anyone could do it for some randomer they saw once.


Does anyone seriously think the cold case team never thought it was worth asking other people identified in the footage if they managed to get a good look at MIB1 and whether they were able to provide a description?


Sure what person (most likely drunk) wouldn’t remember some randomer they briefly met on the street at 3.30 in the morning nearly 17 years ago…


Bollix, pal. it should have been done . he was beside him, its a potential murder. he’d have copped at least what type of clothes he was wearing.


+1. I’d be a bit of a suspicious cunt myself and I always memorise exactly what every person I meet looks like. I stare them up and down and get all up in their grill. A lot of cunts don’t like it but I’m leaving nothing to chance.


you’d always remember a face


You would of course, even if the face was completely covered by an umbrella while it was pissing rain, 17 years ago.