Missing People In Ireland


I dont think you have been following the case buddy, so i’ll leave you off with that. If you take a look at the footage with the lad at the gate beside the main suspect you will notice no umbrella on the lad who is right beside the main suspect


Deely case being discussed now on Crimecall


Not much in it.


Didn’t address any of the queries raised by the TFK investigative division. Disappointing.


Do they still make those composite images of suspects? You rarely see them anymore.


The supposed (per TFK) pimp was standing in the pissing rain for a half an hour outside the office before TD came along. He then walked past him and got to the other gate before him.

If he was a pimp I doubt he was waiting for TD more likely trying to hawk his wares in an opportunistic manner. Doubt many pimps wait in the rain for a half hour to give the client a guided tour back to the base camp

Would they @Bandage?


I wouldn’t anyway, mate.




Too far


I can’t get over the amount of ‘missing’ people in Ireland, there seems to be at least 5 people a week from teens to middle aged people. I rarely see follow ups as to have these people been found or what. I don’t ever remember it being as bad, certainly not years ago whether that’s due to the power of social media.


It’s 100% to do with social media.


There’s two freaks posting on here responsible for a good few missing people


Yourself and?


I don’t live oireland mate


Thats exactly what someone trying to cover their tracks would say :hushed::thinking:


Je suis MBB!

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Hope the family are well mate


All good, pal. They still ask after you…


We’ll be down again soon, our shout this time.


Stockholm syndrome?