Missing People In Ireland



How is that an exclusive ffs, he’s been saying it for weeks to anyone who’d listen
He’s clearly guilty of course.


Has anyone interviewed the dog?
He’s a sneaky looking little fucker.


Agreed, have they investigated if he has any biker gang connections?


Development in Deeley case


thats @myboyblue day fucked up


He’s going to a removal in Galway today afaik


Emergency meeting in the 51


You’re lucky I didn’t have you disappeared that time.


There is a search being carried out at a site in South Dublin for Trevor Deely today.


Those MIB it’s eerie



What ‘new’ information have they?


Noirin had a few hours overtime spare so the lads are out beatin the bushes again to use it up.


Sher they might find JoJo while they are at it


Unreal. The thousands of times I’ve passed yards away from that spot since December 2000. I must be a suspect now.


Giving that number 10 :ok_hand:t3:


Watch your back. You’re marked now.


Gardai have received intelligence he was murdered by a known criminal. I wonder if this person was a criminal for prostitution reasons.


They obviously knew what they were at with the CCTV as speculated here at the time. They were trying to make someone talk.