Missing People In Ireland


Pretty much as TFK collectively concluded when that the new footage was released a few months back.



Removing a body to another location more like


He’s had a busy weekend.
Looks like he’s expanding his portfolio though.


You and I are done. I tried to extend the hand of friendship but you slapped it away, your cards are marked.




Some interesting tidbits in this article.

Deely hunt restarts following tip-off:

Information from a “credible source” who has direct knowledge of what became of Trevor Deely, the 22-year-old Kildare man who vanished without trace in Dublin almost 17 years ago, prompted gardai to begin searching woodlands on the city outskirts yesterday.

Officers began a search of the land, which borders the River Liffey in Chapelizod, for the missing man’s remains. This followed weeks during which they assessed “credible information” provided by a source, who told gardai the missing man’s remains are buried at the three-acre site, owned by South Dublin county council.

It is understood that the source decided to provide the information after being interviewed during a “cold case review” of the original investigation. The scene at Chapelizod is being treated as a “crime scene” by gardai, such is the significance of the information provided.

Detective Inspector Paul Costello, who is leading the inquiry, described the search as the “most significant” development in the Deely investigation to date.

Deely was last seen alive walking past a Bank of Ireland ATM on Haddington Road at 4.14am on December 8, 2000. He had earlier called into his workplace at the Bank of Ireland Asset Management office on Wilton Terrace in the early hours of December 8, after attending a Christmas party.

A review this year of the first garda investigation into his disappearance identified a man standing outside the rear entrance of the bank prior to Deely arriving there. The man appears to hide behind a pillar where he waits for 35 minutes until Deely arrives, and they converse for a few moments.

The same man was captured on CCTV walking behind Deely along Haddington Road. The surrounding area along the canal was often frequented by criminals involved in street theft, drug dealing and pimping.

The CCTV images were the last confirmed sighting of Deely alive. His mobile phone records show that his handset was used at 4.06am when he called a friend to say all was going well.

The case has dogged the gardai for almost 17 years. More than 50 officers were assigned to the inquiry at its peak but, despite extensive inquiries and several arrests, they could not determine what became of the missing man. Many detectives privately suspected that Deely may have died after he was assaulted or robbed in the city on the night he vanished. Few officers believed he had accidentally fallen into the Grand Canal before being swept out to sea.

“Trevor Deely never fell into a river. Something awful happened to him. We all just hope his remains are recovered and those responsible are prosecuted,” said a detective who worked the case.

The case was kept alive by Deely’s family, who lobbied the authorities for action and continued to appeal for witnesses. Crime Stoppers recently offered a reward of €100,000 for information.


Be great if they found him and gave his family some closure.
Some fella on the radio this morning said that Gardai were working on the basis that Deely had accidentally run into this well known criminal and had a row with him before he was murdered by him. Seems a bit of a stretch, but nothing has made sense so far.


A bit more in this article. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who they are talking about with all the info they give.

The alleged suspect, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is a well-known criminal who has been involved in various forms of criminality over decades.

He is a convicted drug dealer who has operated in the south inner city and south Dublin areas.
His family has also been involved in a litany of crimes, including firearms offences and the sale and supply of drugs.

Two of his siblings, who were involved in criminality, are now deceased.
Associates of the alleged suspect were involved in running street prostitution in the Baggot Street area at the time of Mr Deely’s disappearance.

This criminal gang have also been investigated for the unsolved murder of 21-year-old prostitute Sinead Kelly in the same locality in June 1998.
Ms Kelly, from Santry in Dublin, was brutally stabbed to death on the banks of the Grand Canal off Baggot Street on June 22, 1998.

Gardai believe that she was murdered because she owed IR£800 to a Dublin drug dealer.

Two files, one on him and one on the man whom detectives believe he hired to kill Ms Kelly, were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.


Reports say that the suspect is from Crumlin who has lost 2 siblings in a feud.

A quick google has shown that Roche brothers from Crumlin were murdered in the Crumlin Drimnagh feud.


Seems a bit of stretch that it was an unprovoked row if the CCTV footage they released was indeed pivotal to the case. As was suggested here before perhaps it was all part of some sort of deal which went wrong.


Mistaken identity? Did the criminal have some altercation with 3rd party who had same build/features as TD earlier in the morning and TD crossed his/their path.

This case has always haunted me. I happened to work for BOI at the time and coincidentally had my own staff night out in the suburbs that night. Also lived on Baggot St in the early 90’s when I was the same age as TD. Probably the best fun I’ve had was living there for 5 years, but could sometimes be very edgy place to live…


Maybe he owed money already to one of the people involved and the lad waiting for him was gently reminding him of that. Could it be possible he’d told them he was returning to the office to pick up some cash or something like that?


Reports are calling it ‘a chance encounter’.

They would probably say that anyway.


I don’t understand why some of you think it’s a stretch that it was a chance encounter. By the sounds of the suspect, he’s probably a complete headcase who would think nothing of violently knocking off someone for glancing sideways at him. There’s a lot of fucking nutters in every city and it seems the most plausible explanation to me.



What was he doing in the house of a known criminal?


Getting a hooker and/or coke I suppose


“A house” not “his house”. The prostitution thing seems more and more likely.




Another random website saying robbery was the motive and he was bundled into a car.