Missing People In Ireland


Fucksake. I don’t generally resort to personal attacks, but you are quite the moron.

Yes, clearly someone who graduates from medical school as a doctor and then spends four years in residency to qualify as a psychiatrist has no skills. MDs are not qualified to deal with mental illness, which is unfortunately why antidepressants are frequently prescribed by MDs when there is no justification for them.

Yes, psychiatrists can do psychotherapy, but qualified and experienced psychologists tend to be better as that is solely what they specialize in. For psychotherapy to work involves enormous work by the individual, outside of the visits to the therapist, something many are unwilling or unable to do. However, it does work and can lead to significant and permanent transformation, unlike antidepressants which are more of a band aid.

And I don’t give a shit whether you bother with me or not, but when you post horsepoo, expect it to be challenged.


None of us are as nice people as we like to think.

In a given situation with the right triggers anybody on here could be a murderer.


This in my view is clearly correct and I know people who have suffered from it. I know people put on effexor who didn’t go to their GP complaining of depression initially and who were not referred to psychotherapists first. Effexor obviously is highly addictive with huge withdrawal symptoms and a factor in quite a lot of mass shootings. (it’s called something else in the US I think)

Slightly off topic, I would go as far as to way that in the US privatised medicine and the drug company lobby might be an influence. Certainly it would be very naive to dismiss the effect of lobbying on the Democratic party’s policies on prescribing addarol left right and centre for ADHD.

Medicine obviously necessary sometimes and people not taking their medicine is also a huge problem.


Probably deserves a separate thread.

If there’s no free will you lock people up to protect society. There is zero evidence violent psychopaths can be rehabilitated, so incarceration is the only realistic option.

Most murders are personal and driven by raw emotion, hate or jealousy or whatever, and involve people known to each other or in relationships. Taking someone’s life is obviously the most heinous crime, unless in self defense or a justified war. Violent psychopaths are scarier though as they don’t care who their victims are and typically re offend and get worse until/if they are caught. So I would say psychopathic killers are “worse” based on their threat to innocent people.

Eoghan Harris is an absolute cunt.


I’d settle for a half decent alibi


Effexor is the original brand name, but there are dozens of generics nowadays. It’s an NSRI which seem to have more risk factors than SSRIs, for the reasons you state and also a higher suicide risk.

The over prescription of antidepressants for behavioral problems in kids is an absolute scandal.


An unwelcome, undignified and false attack on QS’s here. Thankfully the scsi have confirmed that while there are two members of the same name amongst the membership in Dublin, Neither are the accused in this instance.

Does your resentment surround your failure to make the grade?


I’d say you’re an awful cunt.



QS’s are only a shower of pricks, even @fran knows that.


in fairness we all are, except @flattythehurdler as his wife wouldn’t let him be one


She has him well trained to be nice.


have they checked the wicklow membership, considering he was from bray. typical QS attitude to the finer points.


There is no county of residence specific membership and he worked in Dublin anyway. He wasnt chartered, as @fistoffury correctly says, but he graduated out of Bolton St in 2015. He could have been well on his way to chartership, maybe that is what drove him over the edge.


id imagine Bolton st did for him. there and COMAD were definitely a blight on the proud DIT name.


Deadly banter fellas


You are what you eat


@HBV & myself empathize with each other and have decided to continue our empathetic chats via PM.


you eat Sidney?



Not a Qs then