Missing People Outside of Ireland

Yeah that’s the one

I suppose the unmentionable is possible also, or just a heart attack or somesuch

Seems to be just an accident. One of the police broke a leg falling amongst the rocks around the scene. Article says he had left his phone behind in their villa when he went off hiking.

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I didn’t read anything about the sea. He took a fairly off the beaten path inland. It was very hot at the time.

The heat was sick out there the last week or so, and at the time of day he was walking it was regularly 48 degrees if that can be believed. I experienced heat of 39-40 degrees once years back I went to Croatia in July. Never again it was like being inside an oven. I used to stay indoors from about 12.30-4pm. If you weren’t used to that and were exposed to it after a long remote walk and after falling, you’d get into bother quickly.

His body was found in view of a resort but behind a fence. I’ve a feeling he tried to climb the fence but fell in the heat.

He was walking north but a man of his intelligence would have known he should have been walking west. Again, the heat.



Strange one this.

I ventured to a cannabis club up in the mountains in tenerife few years back. Off the beaten track kind of place. An edible knocked me for 6 and thought it be a great idea to walk back down. Rookie mistake.

Roads were not in any way designed for pedestrians with no discernible footpaths. Was just small track of scrubbed vegetation to walk along. Steep drops on occasion and cars flying past. Fairly hairy.

Youd have to wager this kid has taken a tumble unfortunately. Hopefully they find him and he’s not too bad.

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You reckon that house he went to was something similar? Sounds like there’s a large chunk of the story missing.

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Huge chunk

I see on Twitter himself and his friends were convicted of attacking a 17 year old with a machete, splitting his head open a while back.


You reckon that house he went to was something similar?

There’s very little else up those mountains that would have a young lad take to it on foot Id have thought.

Edit: i actually found a video i sent to the bird so she wouldnt be panicking i was gone so long. I was a nearly a couple of hours at it in the end!


Saw your old post and thought to have a look for an update:


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Why people keep disappearing in Greece according to experts | CTV News.

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This young lad missing in Spain he’ll have fallen down into some ravine if he’s genuinely missing. Although he could have been knocked off at the house too for some reason and so his body is somewhere else entirely.

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I’m over in Tenerife now and I’ve never heard as little sympathy for one of these missing person cases. There’s so many stories doing the rounds in the bars but there was already an anti-British tourist sentiment this year.