More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


“Why don’t the GAA step in and pay?” suggested Brigit. “They make enough money.”




Grab All Association


Would you log onto the often?


Every time I’m getting married.

It was on the indo website you contrary aul hoor.


I believe you.


Fuck sake. Would she not just invite another 15 people and the €200 a pop off each of them would make up the shortfall.


That should make for a wonderful experience for all concerned on the day of the wedding.


It’s hard to imagine how guests would choose an afternoon on the sideline of a local junior B game over going to celebrate the wedding of such a lovely girl :thinking:


What kind of a sad act would go to a wedding on less than a weeks notice as a stand in and hand over cash?






Well she’s going to be €2k short if they don’t and she seems really nice so who’s going to foot the bill so smartass?


That part reads like a Waterford Whispers article.


Just sitting down to enjoy my morning dump and a browse, and this is what I’m presented with. Ffs sake.


Women paying 75 euro a ticket to go watch some blogger talk shite about make up that said blogger is probably paid to say nice things about!


There’s a school based project going on in Limerick city at the moment aimed at getting kids off their holes, you get a fob that you tap off various boxes around the city while you are out walking and gain points for your school in the process.
I just went for a long walk with the kids to get a load of points and at most of the boxes there are people pulling up in their cars, hopping out and tapping before hopping back in to the car.


the should put them out in the middle of a field, or the bottom of a crag or side of a mountain


The M50. Fucking cunt