More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


A suit on the Charles Tyrwhitt website costs 100 euro more when you order in Euros than when you order in sterling.


That fucking radio ad of theirs causes me serious ire, far more than it should.

“It is, I says.”

“It’s not, he said.”

Fuck off, you irritating cunt, I said.


Use the an post parcel forwarding service so that you can pay in sterling.


You can simply change the website to sterling and you get the cheaper price, delivered into Ireland.


Pay with Revolut too save a few quid on the exchange rate




Thanks for the tip fagan,I’ll get it parcel moteled That’ll be an extra nice extra saving combined with the ACHPS card 15% off.



Buying suits on the internet.


Ordering a Tyrwhitt on the internet is the act of a fuckwit.


Probably machine washable.


I’ve bought numerous suits from Charles Tyrwhitt on the internet over the years. I’ve always been satisfied with the product and the fit.


You must be very aware of your body shape


I am.


Are the shirts any good @Fagan_ODowd


They’re fine shirts alright. My go-to guys.


Very good quality shirts mixer. The non iron ones are the ones to get. They’ll still need a bit of a rub of the iron but they are top notch.


Would you be able to wear the shirt for 3 days straight?





I wouldn’t no.


Today is my anniversary. I forgot and so did Mrs J. We only realised when my mother put it up on the family whatsapp.