More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


She forgot too, you keep telling yourself that


Don’t fall into the trap of staying together “for the kids”, mate. Just rip the plaster off and move out at the weekend. No point in prolonging this sham of a marriage.

Post of the Year 2017

I think the don’t thing in portmarnock is to split the house into 2 and one lives upstairs and one downstairs

@Ebeneezer_Goode please confirm


Maybe he could avail of more dodgy planning to convert the garage into a juhy flat.




A nice post off me in less than 10mins! I’m delighted it was you mate.


How long Juli ?


8 years.


It’ll take you as long to get back into the good books


You’re only a novice kid




What a lovely surprise to get after my jaunt to Tesco, pal.


A family whatsapp :joy:


For Christ’s sake, will you fucking go and enjoy your honeymoon.


he’son here 24/7 and he supposed to be getting married :joy:


The Horsebox family has one too. The parents love it. What harm.


Ah ffs.


Deary me


They’re a great job.


You’ve something against families staying in regular contact?