More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Another few quid of childrens allowance to make up for the hike in fags.


“Ah great, it’s a boy, sure they’ll have to give you the bigger house now love”


“Throw out that single stroller, they’ll give you a double on the way out the door.”


I was just reading about the Jamie Bolger murder, what those sickos did to the poor little fella made my stomach turn. I hadn’t realised the depravity involved.


Boiler broke down so booked a bord gáis guy out to do a service and repair. The thing was only installed in 2015 but is a bare couple months out if warranty. Bord gáis guy says the issue is the flue, you need to get an installer out to fit a different one. Got the installer out, fitted, serviced, worked a couple days and broke down again. Next port of call the manufacturer. He comes out, took one look at the flue and said that’s the wrong flue it’s a fire hazard shut this down straight away. Got the guy who fitted the flue back to take it off (within a few hours, he’d have been up shit creek as a registered gas installer having signed off on that). Manufacturers guy comes out again, miraculously, it’s working. He serviced it, says it seems fine, flue not ideal but not problematic, signed off. Next day not working, manufacturer guy is back again, got a reading, changed a few parts, up and running, signed off again. Worked grand for nearly a week. This morning it’s gone again. Sake.


What a fucking whinging scourge of a man you are, a lighting scourge.


That would drive me insane. Stupid cunts.


Shite when those things go wrong but even moreso during a cold spell.


Have you thought of giving it a Lemsip?


Very fucking annoying. If they could at least tell me what’s wrong I could go and sort it. Last call out guaranteed for 30 days so manufacturer’s guy will call back no charge. Getting a bit too fucking nippy for cold showers.


Some of these lads are absolute spoofers. Must do a night course or something. I had a new boiler put in few years back. Had a gas leak week after. Emergency call out by BG. Called lad who installed it and he comes back nonchalantly - fucker could have killed me.


Urban living. Gas as a primary heating fuel :joy:

Couple that with young junkie apprentices signing off on deadly installations. :eek:

@glasagusban is there an immersion backup for showers at least? Check the cupboard.


Tbh the best advice he could get out now is leave the house and dont return until its been seen to by a professional. Even a miniscule leak of gas will knock him out and he will probably die before he could be rescued

That’s not even allowing for the explosion risk. Hes living in a fucking death trap right now


Almost as bad as a 43” LG in house


@glasagusban, sell up and just buy a new house


It is wrong to tell an annoying 7 year old young fella that you’ll break his jaw if he acts the cunt again?


Someone else’s young fella? It probably is


If he’s a blood relation yes. If he’s a neighbour or a friends child I’d have to get an example of his misdemeanors.


Yeah, a little cunt here who keeps boxing other young kids. No doubt he has ADHD or some other pretend condition but a kick in the hole wouldn’t go astray.

(I’m at a play centre)


I’d hammer the little prick.