More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Sound Brimmer, i reckon I can take him. I actually did a sly little trip there and got him lovely.


ADHD is a handy excuse for young lads acting the cunt. Ruined by parents when he was younger and he’s a little fucker now.

But it’s ADHD so it’s not his fault.

I hate modern society.


Lovely. Passive aggressive is the way to go here, make it look like an accident and if there’s questions about boot marks on his forehead just say you tripped in on top of him as you rushed to pick him up after his initial fall.


Nah it’s all through the boiler the newfangled cunt of a thing.


Parents discovered this week that the chimney in the living room which had a gas fired stove installed 10 yrs ago is blocked off. Got it investigated when the carbon monoxide alarm went off. How the stove installers didn’t spot it…


Nice try @tallback you’ll be waiting a while yet for the inheritance.



Lucky escape

Edit…gas fired


Or both.


At least it would warm the place.


Christmas FM playing on the radio at work on November 28th.


That’s bad in fairness. If the house wasn’t so draughty they’d be six feet under by now.


Are you bi-polar


Two different posters



I am all over the place.


Or are they…


Not but I am


The jubilant celebrations by the Irish women’s football team last night.

The reason…they DREW a qualifier :laughing:


Ah don’t be such a curmudgeon, that was an away draw against the reigning European champions. It was a fantastic result, fair play to them.


Irelands Greatest Sporting Moment of 2017?