More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Says the man that went on the beer for a week because Leitrim bet Galway technical college in the fbd



Fucking dopey cunts celebrating like they’d won a World Cup. Have some self respect ffs.


Fully grown men being reduced to quivering, crying bitches while watching The Late Late Toy Show.


Lads too lazy to write Christmas instead of Xmas.
It gets on my fucking wick


You use ‘X’ more than anyone else on the forum. Job is Christo.


Hearing your wife shout ‘he’s getting sick everywhere’ before she runs out the door. Turns out he was at the top of the stairs puking down it. And the stairs is not sealed off so there were walls and floors to clean as well.


Finally some comeuppance for the cunt that adviced me to take the boat to Howth with my 2 year old.

I’m enjoying this.

Post of the Year 2017

Finally? He’s a regular vomit monster when he has a chest. I’m regularly at this craic but today was extra special.


The Cuala ultras.


Fuck off to the Leinster Schoolboy rugby cup with that shit


The bin men and dockers of Na Piarsaigh will quieten them.


A month of fucking Fairtytale in New York.



It should be fucking banned.



Good god.


I’d have there are no words, but that works too. Ronan is some shill to take part in that.


Are ye being a small bit precious there lads? It’s unfunny, but I wouldn’t be taking it to heart


I’m not being precious. That is as bad a sketch as I’ve ever seen.



That’s highly insulting


Its the unfunny part that I’m more offended at. Its dreadful!