More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Fair enough. The “shill” comment threw me so


You’d imagine she’d have enough to her to say, eh lads, this is shite, I’m not doing it.


She’d be the one looking precious then. She’ll know for the next time they ask I suppose



She has form after the Ed Sheeran video.


Bad and all as that sketch is, it’s still nowhere as bad as anything that comes with the warning “RTE original comedy”.


Upwardly Mobile is a much maligned classic.


It’s certainly maligned. Didn’t one of the lads from it die after a bouncer sat on him?

"It could have been me" - Claim a spurious link to high profile tragic incidents or disasters

An IRA funeral too


Shouldn’t sketches have jokes?





who ever does their twitter should be head hunted by SNL. 4 minutes of absolute rubbish and only takes Aer Lingus one small tweet to make shit of the sketch.


When it gets it right, SNL can still be very funny. Kate McKinnon is outstanding. But good fuck when it misses, it misses awfully.

I guess thats comedy mind you.


That’s the Yanks for you I suppose.


yeah maybe so, but that thing above you wouldnt see in the local hall for a charity fundraiser comedy night. whatever about all the shit stereotype jokes, what the fuck was the bullshit about the dogs? I’m not sure at any stage how anyone could have thought any of that was humorous.


I presume they just had a number of dogs knocking around and they were gonna shoehorn them in somewhere.


thats the worst kind of comedy. Shoehorning in something for comedic effect when it has no place whatsoever to do with the point.

you basement dwelling kidnapping cunt.