More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong



Is there not ongoing road works around that part of the n25?


I haven’t been out that way for a while but you’re right I’d say. The proposed New Ross by pass comes out somewhere around where this happened this evening


Confirmed 4 dead. Sounds horrific.


News report seemed to indicate they were tourists who attempted to do a u-turn on the road?


If they were Irish that were killed would they be as quick to apportion blame?


Probably if they did an illegal u turn right into the path of an oncoming truck


They think the truck was travelling behind them


It would appear from the report that they were travelling in convoy with another car, possible eye witness reports


It was you said they did the u turn!


Horrific . May those who died rest in peace .


I don’t think I ever heard RTE speculate on what happened in an accident involving Irish people less than three hours after the crash.


Youd want to be made of different stuff to work in the emergency services and deal with that sort of a scene. I couldn’t do it anyway


I didn’t, I said they attempted one.
It’s all semantics anyways. Sounds horrific either way, and it does seem odd for RTE to speculate like that.


I tell ye lads, I really am just starting to appreciate how lucky I was


Yes, if it was Clare Daly or Mick Wallace - in fact they don’t even have to have had an accident for that.


Would you give her one though?


Trump’s travel ban gets passed by the Supreme Court.

One of the most openly racist laws I have seen from a developed country.


Whatever about the nationalities he banned, banning people named Chad seems very harsh


Not really. You just know anyone calling themselves Chad is a bit of a cunt.