More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Republicans traditionally like hanging Chads.


Explain to us why it’s racist? What race are being singled out and discriminated against here?


The Brisbane lions cousin passed away in Queensland. After the funeral they held a “memorial burn out” for him


It may have been done to alert people who may have been worried that it may have been friends or families of theirs?


They were Irish


It is a deliberate effort by the institutions of a so called democratic nation to discrimate against people from certain countries on no other grounds than a mistaken belief that due to the actions of a miniscule few people of that religion, that all such individuals of that religion from these countries should be treated the same.


The impression I got from the report was that the crash was down to tourists pulling a dangerous manoeuvre. I have never seen a report apportioning blame to one party so soon after a crash.


Really? I can recall some instances where its been the case, one in Laois some time ago now, where a car went through a stop sign, killing all passengers, that one was clear cut due to witnesses, etc. I assumed this was similar in that regard.


I’ve never seen RTE apportion blame unless they were reporting on an inquest/inquiry/court case. That’s not to say they haven’t but it struck me straight away that they mentioned they were American and apportioned blame to them 3 hours after the crash even before the scene investigation had been completed.


RTÉ apportioned the blame?


I have to say I thought there was an unusual amount of detail in the reports as well. I’d say a lot of people witnessed it or something.


You’d think RTE would have learned not to take witness accounts as fact especially after what Paul Reynolds got up to.


Again, you’re blaming RTÉ. Surely they are reporting what the Gardaí are telling them.


They don’t have to report everything they are told FFS


If it was accepted beyond doubt, via eye witnesses, that they did what was reported, why not report it?


Two of the most prominent crime reporters in country have huge Leitrim connections ironically.

One (Paul Williams) is from the county and both Paul Reynolds’s parents are from the Mohill area.


Out of respect for the family of the victims. If they had known at 9 last night that the victims were actually Irish would they have reported that the victims were at fault for their own deaths? If it’s something they do consistently then fair enough but I haven’t seen a report like that before.


So it would have been better to allow speculation? The victims were Irish.


Why is it ironic?


They didn’t seem to know that at the time though