More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Because Leitrim has one of the lowest serious crime rates in the country.


Is that why Reynolds is always trying to make a mountain out of a mohill.



I think you need to go and look up the meaning of irony farmer


Farmer looking up, now that’s irony!


Out of respect?

The N25 would have been very busy at that time, it’s a very busy road. You can be sure plenty of eyewitness saw the accident.

What are you raving about?


I’m not sure if you’re ranting to yourself or to me? If it’s the latter let me know and I’ll gladly clarify.


I asked you to justify your claim that the travel restrictions are racist. You answered describing them as religious discrimination. Is vocabulary not your strong suit?

If the travel restrictions were based on religion i.e. targeting Muslims, then there are 50 Muslim majority countries that would be targeted, including the countries with the largest (by far) Muslim majorities that are not on the list. The countries that are on the list are hotbeds for Islamic extremism and have demonstrates zero ability to control who enters or leaves those countries.

If the travel restrictions were unconstitutional the US Supreme court wouldn’t uphold them. What the court has done is confirm that the US president has the power to impose travel restrictions based on security concerns, which has been the case since the foundation of the country.


Are you really arguing on the basics of vocabulary between religious discrimination and racism?


these snowflakes are in such a rush to get outraged, they loose all sense of themselves


No, read the rest of my post. The travel restrictions are neither, otherwise the Supreme court wouldn’t uphold them.


I think you should inform yourself a little more mate.

The Supreme Court did not uphold the ban as being constitutional, yet for some reason has allowed it to come into play as appeals against it are heard.


If the Supreme Court viewed the travel restrictions as unconstitutional they wouldn’t uphold them. That’s in effect what the role of the Supreme Court is. Inform yourself. The president either has or has not the power to implement a travel ban under the terms of the constitution (including all articles). They decided that he had. They are effectively overruling politicized lower courts.


Saudi Arabia is a hotbed for Islamic extremism, as is Mali, Nigeria etc etc why aren’t they on the list?


Did you not hear mate - the Supreme Court has decided!


It’s not discrimination based on religion, its discrimination based on nationality, and just about every nation on earth does that to some degree when it comes to immigration.

I think it’s perfectly fair for Trump and the US to exercise whatever control of their border they deem to be necessary. He did promise to do this in his campaign and duly got elected.

Several Muslim countries have a blanket ban on anyone who has even been to Israel, for example, but that rarely gets a mention.




You think the supreme court isn’t politicised. :sweat_smile:

You may have missed it, but your beloved Republicans shamelessly filibustered Obama’s nominee for the supreme court for a year, because they’re, well, utterly shameless.


Finally, a sensible poster. An oasis in a desert of nutcases.


Because they have some semblance of border controls unlike the six affected by the travel restrictions.