More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Four (4) hour sinus surgery in the morning guys
Pray for @labane1917


Best of luck, mate. I hope the surgery will finally bring you back to your senses


SoCal ablaze


Thanks pal, I’ll take that in the spirit it was intended.




:ronnyroar: Good ol Fran, back to his best.


Fantastic scenes to see the continuance of long held Pikey traditions overseas.
Would “the cousin” be a Stokes or Ward descendant by any chance?

Ye should move to Rathkeale altogether to solidify your apparent issues.


Fast forward a minute or two in.


No wonder car insurance is so high with cunts like this being handed money so easy.We’re a bunch a fuckin mugs.


Ms Hartigan, who had two previous insurance claims, said that she couldn’t get out of the car because of an injury to her neck. She was taken to hospital and given the all clear the following day.

Sarah Jane Quilligan said that she had three previous claims. After her car was “driven across the road by the bang from behind”, it hit a wall and she was removed from the scene on a spinal backboard.

These people must just be unlucky. Judge happy to give them nice pay outs though. :roll_eyes:




Is this not an old story?


It was in this week’s paper.





Same judge.Different fraudsters.Same result.Free money.Fuckin cuntbags.


He needs new quips. It’s a fuckin disgrace though.


Leaving early but falling asleep on the train and not waking up until Donabate.
Fucking horrendous.


Happens to me regularly. I awoke in Stoke this year. That’s worse than anything.


Was it on a wet Wednesday night?