More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Or county medals. Even minor football.


Would he be a sarcastic type?




Very much so. Very straight talking too. Some people are a little scared of him. Mainly because of his straight talking attitude. But being from Limerick is also a factor in people being nervous of him.


He’s real Kilmallock so. Not a blow in like.


Look it. He’s a fella I speak with on the phone about 10 or eleven times a year. I occasionally attend conferences and seminars that he also attends.
I’m not fucking married to him or related to him. How would I know all this shit about him.
What the fuck is wrong with you.


You brought your imaginary mate up pal. Not me.


Did you ever let off a fire extinguisher in a hotel corridor in the middle of the night after a hape of pints?


Did you get reprimanded for pissing in a flowerpot in a hotel corridor ?


Did you ever shit in a lift?


Going early from work leaving drinks of two tasty wans cos the missus is going to school reunion thing.

Shouldn’t have even antagonised myself with beers and looking at them slutted up.




You’ll see how imaginary he is next week when I’m PMIng your details around here.


Don’t cry baby. Please don’t cry.


Friend, friend, Kilmallock friend


Fiend more like.


Find out how your county received in coaching/game development grants from GAA central funds in the last decade #GAA


Another spoofer neglecting to include the games development grants indirectly paid to other counties by provincial councils.

This is getting tiresome now.


An 18 year old Brian Cody. Must be all the exfoliating he does to keep him looking so young.


That pic taken in the 80’s pal