More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


The figures don’t lie mate.Dublin are financial dopers.15x more money than the next nearest county.


That money gets funneled to Leitrim inter-county players who work and train in Dublin.


I wish


Is that not St Kierans Jersey?


The Leitrim players who live and work in Dublin are having regular training sessions out in Abbotstown, as are several other counties.

All the money that is allocated to Dublin is not exclusively used by Dublin players.


Muldoons are moving to Dublin en masse, the money goes to them.

Normal dubs have no interest in gga


15x as much as the next county matty.That’s not on.How ye are let away with it is what baffles me.


It is, but most likely a reunion game. Look at the O’Neills logo


Match played to celebrate bicentenary of St Kieran’s in 1982. Jersey says 1782 - 1982


Women in airport security queues. Just as bad as at bank machines.


Jesse Lingard has a “media team” :laughing:


Sadly, thats probably true. I very much doubt any of them sent that message though.


They did no doubt, send this one


why is this even making news? I saw a headline of “Lingard disrespects Munich memorial” thinking he made a stupid joke or something. He fucking tweeted a nonsense tweet that had nothing to do with it a couple of minutes after the moment of silence. Whether it was him or a media team, why the fuck do people look to get offended at the slightest thing.


Twitter is nonsense. About a quarter of people in Ireland are even on it yet people who use twitter think it is important somehow, it’s pure shite.


Twitter is a very important tool in modern society - Like him or loathe him, even the president of the US realises the power of twitter. A silly story alright but the power of twitter needs to be respected.


It will die out.


The US presidency? What?


This. Say what you like about it, but to call it nonsense is to completely be oblivious to the modern age of communications. Of course there’s idiots on it, there’s idiots on here believe it or not, but to dismiss its power is foolish in the extreme.

Imagine thinking twitter is nonsense because only 1/4 of the Oirish are on it. You couldn’t make it up.


It’s a very short sighted approach alright.


Twitter. It’s a very limited platform, it’s growth has completely stalled at not very impressive levels and it will eventually die out. The only thing that keeps it going is the media as it is a cheap source of “news” stories.