More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


This is all true and also bollox. Twitter is bullshit, literally stealing hours from your life and is basically a tool for self promotion and pushing agendas. Unfortunately, It has become hugely important in many lines of business and most of the people who are in power of anything use it to set agendas of their own or to push their brand. For the followers it gives them an easy way to meet likeminded folk and to set up little echo chambers for themselves.
It is vacuous shite and the world would be a better place without it.


It’s ok for score updates but beyond that a waste of time.


You are correct. But it’s limitations are being increasingly exposed. It will take time but it is already clearly in decline. Its market penetration is not very strong and has stalled and in many markets it’s is non existent. Instagram has well overtaken it in Ireland for example and is still growing. The same circles and echo chambers you are talking about will take longer to change but eventually migrate to other platforms. A lot of people are pretty much required to be on it for work, that won’t sustain it either.

Naturally weirdo loser types that spend hours browsing twitter and posting links to tweets on other sites will not see this because they think twitter actually matters.


The military parade will be the start of the whole shenanigans .


Simple people will always prefer pictures - Instagram and Snappy chat and the likes that the masses dont have to use their brain to get.

Politicians/academics/ journos will use twitter.


Great for that .




Snapchat has overtaken it. Mini buffs are popping up all over the land.


Sun readers need an outlet too, bro.


Fair enough. Fancy trolling Lingaard for a bit later?


I agree with most of this and think twitter is horrendous shite. The unmeasurable variable is how important is the fact that many many influencers use it as one of their first means of social media. Will this keep it relevant? Also, it is still the go to place for breaking news fast.

I love the bit in bold. Lads spend hours browsing the wrong sites… Surely they know TFK is first and best for all news opinion etc.


And this is why twitter is anything but nonsense, and why it will remain relevant until the next one pops up to overthrow it. However this hasn’t happened yet, and isn’t looking likely until there’s a major change once again in how we consume our media and news.

Funny but true in many ways.


there is some savage dinosaurs posting on here, I never realised how bad it is, between this and the diet thread, you can see, fossils completely opposed to change and technology


The fact that Twitter has yet to have a quarter when they turned a profit is a far bigger problem than anything anyone has posted about it on here. They’re literally burning money with no sign of it changing.




Sack the media team


RTÉ sending staff to Winter Olympics, to report on not compete in fairness.
Waste of money.
Is this where my license fee…etc


What ? This is a primarily english speaking forum @Ralphie, please don’t confuse us.


My rage got the better of me
RTÉ sending reporters to Winter Olympics.
Waste of money.


Anyone sending reporters to the winter Olympics.