More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


It’s great to see you stepping out here on the tfk message board sharing your thoughts and interacting with others. Well done you. Stay strong for yourself.


But RTÉ cover horse racing and Rugby. Why pick on the winter Olympics and not these ?


Darren Frehill is over there. Hopefully he pays a visit to DPRK and is caught stealing a poster.


The winter Olympics is class. Delighted to have it reported on.


Twitter have announced a quarterly profit.




The one bit of the US growth story that Trump can actually take credit for.


Sending athletes is an even bigger waste of money.


cc @glasagusban - Cat got your tongue?


Bumped for @Mac You were only 91 and a bit million wrong.




Lads go easy on @Mac. He’s being battered on several threads this afternoon.


You get a better class of sportsman in the winter Olympics. Sure any fool could run around a track.


Thanks for validating that I was correct yesterday


Yesterday’s not wortha fuck around here as you well know Mac


My point was correct. That’s all that matters


Your point is old hat. Fuck off for yourself.


In the grand scheme of things… No one gives a fuck about curling and skiing, bro… A few mountain men from Scandinavia and central Europe can go and fuck.


I actually tried curling last week. Not as easy as it looks.


Was this after the Superbowl :smile: