More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Are they sending a few Micks?


You were wrong yesterday. They made the profit in the final quarter of 2017. Yesterday was part of 2018


Some lesser on the news complaining she can’t have her partner on the birth cert. Well isn’t that a Fucking shame. I suppose they be both looking for 6 months off full pay when she has another lab designed human.


Wasn’t there some yoke on the news there out foreign recently who had conceived via a doner and then wanted to sue for maintenance


Must look into that Mike, I’m confused at all the shit that is going on today.


You really hate women don’t you?


You sound like a budding @HBV.


That must have been some kebab.


You’ll have the Cark cunts on shortly asking you what type of curley you used.

Curl you cunts.


I’m finding it hard to come to terms with two women been on a birth certificate. Same as two men.


Live and let live mate, don’t let these things anger you, it could be your sister or daughter someday



Fucking hell, I can’t even imagine

Delaney had only been on Twitter this week saying how he was 16 years sober and describing the mess his life had been in while he was a drunk. There was a drunk driving car accident iirc that prompted his sobriety.


A woman getting fired I starbucks beside me, well within earshot of a few people.


That’s disgraceful. Ireland’s greatest independent thinker and Life coach/trainer patronising Multinational Tax avoider Starbucks.


Did she write the wrong name down on a cup? Bad management alright - even if she was on a last warning or whatever, do it in the office or out of public.


Sorry lads. This was not an starbucks employee.

This was someone in a management role in a nearby superstore.


Ah that’s just shit. Wankers


Listen this country would go under had we not those American tax dodgers in here


Disgusting. Still not finished. I’m going to say it to this Dublin cunt who came down to really really smarmingly tell this lady who is now crying.

What a fucking joke