More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Do it.


Kinda lost the rag with her.

No cop on.

Another lady chirped in as well.

Fucking cunt of a woman.


What company Kev?


Sports Direct or whoever they are. I just know the lady from the store.

Whatever the reasons, what was a public humiliation is surely not legally cool? Obviously not morally.


Surely some grounds for a legal case given some of the things that end in court.


Not sure. Jist of it seemed to be she had not made required standard in 6 months trial or something


Good man Kev! :grinning:

Is she crying now as well?


I was more getting at the public nature of it. There’s a time and a place but middle of Starbucks wouldn’t be it. Bad enough to be losing your job without the humiliation of it being in public.


Sports Direct are notorious for treating employees badly


Are they? That’s interesting.


No, but did not open her mouth. Was a bit stunned I think.

Seemed like she didn’t see a whole pile wrong with it.


Are sports direct owned by yer man Mike Ashley? We all know how he treats employees.

Poor girl was probably only a young one doing a bit of part time work.


That’s what I thought and that’s what 3rd party lady was saying.

I think the woman was slightly boyer by the local support funny enough. And as the other lady said "you dodged a bullet if that’s their carry on"
So true.

I wish I had a big enough business to give her work. That would have rounded it off nicely.


No, 40 odd i’d say


I don’t know if its as bad in Ireland but they treat employees terribly in the UK anyway. Mike Ashley, the owner has been up in court over it


Obviously not too put out by this carry on and I suspect they worry about it later if anyone complains.

Shit really does roll down hill


Being 40ish is Probably the reason she was sacked.


there was a Channel 4 doco on it a couple of years back.

From recollection, Ashley took the criticism on board and met with legal people over it an admitted that the company got too big for him to be able to control it properly.


Indeed, Mike Ashley forced Alan Pardew to try to get rid of Jonas Gutierrez and stop playing him after he recovered from testicular cancer


Whatever about SD. This was about this cunts ego and insecurity