More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Fair fucks Kev.


Throw her a few quid to cook you dinner every day


That’s a very nasty post.


She’s not a nutritionist :rollseyes:


I believe she was once a DJ so that qualifies her


He is feeling a bit needy


wrong wrong wrong


Perverse and disturbing for humanity


The cunt off for the DG’s job in the GAA. Good fuck. Give it to any of the last 3, maybe 4, for the love of God. Milton, holy fuck.

Jarlath Burns, former Armagh midfielder and school principal, and Liam Sheedy, former Tipperary All-Ireland-winning manager and Munster director with Bank of Ireland, are regarded as the leading ‘outside’ contenders while several GAA staff in Croke Park are understood to be in contention.

They include director of communications Alan Milton, head of games Feargal McGill, finance director Tom Ryan, director of development and research Pat Daly, and head of information Tomás Meehan.


Meehan is sound out. Hasn’t a hope of the gig though.


He’s not in there long enough alright, but a gent.

I’d be terrified of the former Sun journalist. Absolutely fucking terrified.


He certainly is. Would have worked with him a few years back, didn’t realise he was in Croke Park now


The accountant will get it.


Infinitely better than the tabloid hack.


Hey, I am all for the accountant. He is one of us.


He was one of my preferred 3 bro.


He has it so. You have more influence.


If I had any influence the two faced hack wouldnt be there.


Better to put him in, build him up and then have him lose badly.


No I meant, in his current position.

Never trust a Goebbels type figure.