More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


That’s a bit of a throw names at the dartboard article as far as the insiders list goes


Why didn’t you work with him in the end?


You know, I would have just read back over that around 10 minutes ago and I’d suppose I wouldn’t be pleased with my performance in that post. But I just have to move on now, so all I can do is take the positives from it I’d suppose.


Trust the process


@myboyblue’s bessier on that list told me Sheedy walks it. All the top heads in GAA have to be seen to go for it so they’re considered when it comes round again.


You and your ivory tower.


Is Sheedy not the head of the committee to identify the new man?


Like the time Howard Wilkinson appointed himself Sunderland manager


Expand on this? I have no recollection of it whatsoever.


Peter Quinn


I could be wrong. It’s my recollection of that time that Mick McCarthy was strongly linked with the Sunderland job in the autumn of 2002. Wilkinson was drafted in to oversee the appointment of the new manager as an experienced head, and came up with the name of Howard Wilkinson


I can find zero corroboration of this story, so I may have invented it


I can give you a more contemporaneous example. Gavin Williamson was tasked by Theresa May to find a new UK defence minister some months back and appointed himself.




He seems like a particularly creepy individual


He swans around the corp lunch area at thomond park in a munster jersey each Heineken cup matchday. Is that what we want at the head of dis grate associashion of ours?


Castrated and Imprisoned for 20 years a piece. I hope you’re happy @Sidney you freak.


One the sliest sneakiest looking cunts I have ever laid eyes on. A money worshiping satanic evil cunt if ever there was one.


Hopefully Jarlath gets it.


No time for that cunt either after him allowing himself to be a mouthpiece for barricades in Croke Park. Another sly cunt.