More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Dont mate, or he’ll go into depth again about the dose of the scuts he got when out there while eating Korean food.


Fair play to you for remembering that.

The worst dose of scuts ever


Was over for a few weeks doing some work about ten years ago


What kind of work?


The collective looked up their files on you.


I heard tell of a lad today Who was whinging about a county player rushing through signing autographs for a few 9 or 10 year olds in a club grounds of an evening.

The same fucker (the whinger) has caused endless grief in his occupation through sheer laziness and wouldn’t as much as return a phone call to the affected parties. People really are so stupid.


People being without water around the country for nearly a week now due to the state of our water infrastructure. I hope @Chocolatemice and his fellow bin dipper protesters are happy. I wish they’d just bring back the water charges, even on a voluntary basis and I’m sure most citizens of the country would happily contribute a couple of hundred quid a year so that kids can brush their teeth and have a glass of water before they go off to school.

I’ll pay on behalf of one crusty and I’m sure others are the same. God forbid they have to give up their Sky Sports subscription to pay their way.


You stupid fucker.


And you have fellas roaring for more money for dublin to build a monorail and not a bob to provide a sustainable water supply


Keep your nose out of this, it has fuck all to do with you.


You actually couldn’t make it up.


You smelly fucker.


Maybe if they’d spent money on infrastructure as opposed to redundant meters, Denis O’Brien contracts, 5m cash to equity shareholders for an insolvent company etc etc there might not be water restrictions.


More crusty nonsense. How do you think we should pay for our water?


Who pays for it now?


I know who this is.


sure it falls from the sky, why should we pay for it?


how is it paid for now?


Nobody. That’s why the system is in shit and we have the current shortages. Keep up ffs.


See above, spoon boy.