More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


How is it paid for now?


You think we shouldn’t pay for it?






id normally say oooooffffffttttt here but I wouldnt do it when its @Horsebox, he is a good lad


As harmless as they come…


The 3 usual layabouts who wouldn’t work to warm themselves closing ranks here. Want everything for free, don’t want to pay for anything. I wouldn’t mind but Mike and Bob are proper socialists but spoon boy is a champagne socialist and slum landlord and is only pandering to the 2 lads.


I’m more Maoist than socialist mate


I’m a Taoist, mate. We coulda been besties.


I drove to Cashel this morning. Upon entering the town there is a giant billboard (about 2 storey) with this billboard.


I realise I could have stopped after the first sentence.


One giant billboard in Cashel, Tipperary.


I see @Robert_Emmet is living in a staunch Catholic stronghold. He’ll earn it on the doorsteps for this referendum.


I was in Nenagh and the repeal gang were having a little mini rally outside the AIB


Cc @carryharry


Caveat emptor.



You’d have to have some set of balls on you to walk around with a haircut like that


I thought we were banned from posting photos of @Sidney?


A private fee paying school.