More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


They weren’t forced. They refused an offer of housing. They are still homeless.


how many brothers and sisters do you have?


3 why?


could your parents comfortably accommodate all four of ye?


What a stupid and pointless point. The horse has bolted on that one now hasn’t it? Do you think the state should stop funding families after 2 kids is it? Any kids after that shouldn’t get child support and shouldn’t be allowed go to school. Think of what the free primary school for her kids costs you in taxes Taz. Bet she isn’t paying her photocopying money either.

cc @artfoley


Thousands of people relocate each year for a variety of reasons including reasons beyond their preference.
Why are you being such a little drama queen about something that is commonplace amongst those who are happy to work earn and pay rheir own way in life.
Jesus you’r such a snowflake.


If you’re that bothered by it, why don’t you take one of the many AP secondment offers in housing or DSP?

Or even better give up your cushy CS number and run for election on your own platform.


It’s hip to laugh at and vilify homeless people.

That’s the way it’s gone these days.


More bullshit points.


No, I’m calling you out for the spoofer you are.

There’s options available to you to make it better for those people but you choose to rail impotently on an internet DB instead.


Yep they could thats why they had 4.

Why is it so hard to understand that if you cant afford to have 6 kids you dont have 6 kids?


Only after a character assassination first…


I’m a spoofer if I don’t run for election is it?

You gobshite.


You were privileged then. Why’s it so hard for you to understand that people have different life circumstances to yourself?


Don’t be selective you spoofing cunt. Get out of your comfort zone and go to DSP or housing and make a difference


More insults.

Luckily I get to help quite a lot of people through my current job.

Whether I do or don’t does not mean I can’t have an opinion on whatever it is I want, as long as I inform myself.



I never said you can’t have an opinion, spoofer.

And I’d say I’d helped a damn sight more of these people in my 10 years in the last place on the front line compared to any shite you do.


She was only offered the place in meath for one night. And it was after 9pm when it was offered. So it wasnt like she turned down a property for a 12 month lease


For one night


The mother would also have been forced to split up the kids. She chose not to do that.

She is obviously an excellent mother who is being treated disgracefully by the state.