More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Do you even have a point?


Doesn’t seem to be the best option, one night, far away. But if she was offered a house there for a year different story.

But to what extent should the state support people who have loads of children they can’t themselves support? No such thing as personal responsibility?


Check out her facebook page and see what this one is really like. Handouts me hole


To the level where the kids are fed, clothed and educated.


Just looking at it now on the journal. Also a court case below in Enniscorty.


One has to assume to the hordes of baying hipster fascists both here and on other forums and social media have a hell of a lot of time on their hands given they all seem to have done a lot of background research on this woman, such as examining her Facebook page in detail.

I guess you could call them “professional protestors against homeless people” (but not against homelessness).

I think there’s a Traveller angle here too? That would fit nicely into the profile of the sort of people the hipster fascists like to vilify.

Woman: check.
Single mother: check.
Homeless: check.
Traveller: check.

“Burn her!”


Burn her ?
Might be a plan alright. Make an example of her.


Absolutely, the state should provide that to everyone not just kids (housed too) but what about kids who grow up in hoiuses where parents have no knowledge of self sufficiency, managing money, valuing education. And they are seen in main as a source of income for those parents.


A house only having space for 5 children is a strange one. Wonder how many beds that means.


Ah brilliant Mary, it’s a boy, they’ll have to give you a bigger house now.


I honestly don’t know how to answer that, mate. People using their kids as a pay cheque is obviously wrong and if they are not using their social benefits to feed and clothe the kids, then there absolutely must be social protection for those kids


You just know the lads for whom a few months ago abortion would only ever be legalised over their cold, dead bodies, will soon be suggesting forced abortions.

It would at least be another way for them to try and get control over women’s bodies.

Even if it demolished the notion that they ever gave a shit about children in the first place - actually, they’ve already done that.


Ah here you cant ask a question like that,how dare you? next you will be saying they all should be sterilized and put in camps. Shocking stuff.


Its the kids you feel for. Imagine becoming an adult and seeing no value in work, in contributing to society, in bettering yourself. Disastrous consequences for the individual and the community. You don’t have to go too far in this thread to see what the worst possible outcome could be.


Course there is. But she is just one of 8 victims here. The other 7 are her blameless kids


Everyone should be entitled to a free house, where they want and when they want.


She was offered accomodation for the night rather than a house i think


What is she a victim of, Fertility?


Amongst others


Grand i will have a house in Howth. I wont take anything unless it has good sea views and neighbours are at least 200 metres from my property.

What do i need to do for this house? Oh yeah i should only pay €30 euros a week in rent.