More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


The more kids the bigger the house, too.


This thread is a tremendous example of how simpletons are so easily manipulated into having really disgusting views by the divide and conquer strategies of right-wing political parties and media.


Edgy Christian Marie Antoinettes have taken to the stage,
Take it away fellas, see if ye can outdo each other.




The ECMA’s , great name.

Where’s my free house?


I like a slice of cake every now and again


If you had 6 dogs traipsing around in your car with you as you bummed a room here there and everywhere while neglecting to have any plan to sustain or house yourself or those dogs then the ispca will take the dogs off of you because you are not fit to own and care for those dogs.

These poor childeren should be taken off of that woman and placed in foster care. It’s an indictment on Oireland 2018 that the mother is some sort of a cause celebre for the permanently outraged and the Twitterati but that’s the way is gone.


If it was wumming it would be one thing but the fact they don’t see a family ending up like that as a failure on all of us as a society just shows how fucked we really are…


You have a house pal, you’ve had plenty of advantages in your life I’d say.


There’s a right wing conspiracy in the media and the state stopping you from receiving your free house. You are being manipulated.


A few months ago you were pretending to be interested in the rights of children, now you’re equating children to dogs - your true colours are coming out now!


So what would you do? I think the state has an obligation to provide housing, healthcare, food and education/access to job opportunities for the life of every citizen. But its hugely damaging for a person to go through life living off handouts, and never expecting to have to do different.


That’s a bit of a loaded comment towards the cat burglar,carry on, It’s accurate all the same.


As a Catholic, I think the Pope’s visit should be cancelled if it is going to exacerbate the homeless crisis.

Jesus Christ didn’t cleanse the temple for this.


I don’t agree with the handout culture either pal… Too many people know what they are entitled to now and it has created cycles of long term unemployment and handouts… I’ve said here before that you shouldn’t get a Bob from the state unless you’ve at least completed the state examinations and are deemed to have some level of education. I’m also on for certain amount of community service and training, you should earn your state payments and free medical expenses as best you can. Again, that’s a reflection on all of us that we allow the hand out system thrive.

As for housing now… When we needed houses in the 50s and 70s the government went out and built them wholescale there was no hiding behind .markets and banks and the likes… We’ve brainwashed ourselves into believing these things should determine everything in our lives.

I get that houses are being slowly built but our whole country is out of control… Foreign investors are whacking up rents and the cost of living doesn’t match wages and our TDs are swanning around behind inflated GDP figures of a few multinationals running their EU profits through Ireland… I realize these things are important too but we need to get back to bread and butter issues and investing in the Irish people… We deserve better. And by that I mean breaking the hand out culture and bringing society up a notch… spitting on people from certain backgrounds and suggest lone mothers are sluts demeans all of us.

We are better than that.


There will be always people in the majority through no fault of their own who need social housing.

Leaving it to capitalism just doesnt work. The HAP scenario isnt working either…id love to see the figures paid out to private landlords over the last 10 years…that money should be pumped into housing and vacant houses around the country.


Good points. Investing in them how though?

Zero social houses built in dublin last year! As for the work for benefits you espouse, a lot to be said for it. If people had to get up, shave, dress semi smart and do something even just for a few hours a week their feeling of self worth would skyrocket. And theyd care about how money was thrown out and to who. But theres no accountability in irish politics.


Excellent point, and it staggers me that this is not being done.


There in lies the issue – we are a nation that reacts politically for the most part instead of acting … Abortion /Gay marriage etc are fine causes but real equality is more than that…

Invest in them through education/ decent housing with local amenities… We invest in them by instilling some civic pride in them and their community. Unfortunately the urban poor were ignored by this state for nearly 90 years and it’s going to take a time to turn that around - but i’m not on about major things here, just the political and social will to change some of our values on both sides … look at the Scandinavians, sure they have their problems, but as a people they are that little bit more evolved than us on most things… I guess we invest by aiming higher pal.

All I know is the old FF/FG cronies are never, ever going to achieve any of that … And there’s a 101 things you can throw at SF also but some how we need to break the old political system and build a new one - the old system has been flogged to death with the same results over and over again.


What are these free houses you speak of?

Local authority tenants pay rent.

Pretty much every other country in Europe builds more social housing than we do because it’s an eminently sensible thing to do. The more social housing that is built, the more everybody benefits from it because it has a knock-on effect in terms of making property prices more affordable for people on the private market.

This country should have been building a load of social housing during the downturn, 6 or 7k houses a year. They would have kept those in construction in jobs and ended up paying for themselves in the long run.

The roots of the housing crisis in this country go back to the 70s when rates were abolished because of me, me, me right-wing politics. Local authorities couldn’t fund them and the Thatcherite ideology of government abdication of responsibility for housing took hold which led first of all to the ridiculous houses prices of the 1990s and 2000s and then to the crisis we have now.