More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


55% of the housing budget goes to private landlords.


Recipe for disaster and it makes zero sense.

Literally making the gap between the “classes” insurmountable.


The Tory boys are out in force tonight. God forbid any of them ever get to have a bit of power.


Now this is the very definition of entitlement.

Prisoner Stephen Yaxley-Lennon demanding a television because he feels he is being “mentally tortured”. :laughing:


Or a bit of hardship,


Let’s use this case as an example. Assumimg she gets a social housing unit, how much rent will this lady pay to the local authority in your estimation? She doesn’t work and receives benefits, i.e. income, from the state. The paltry amount she will pay to the local authority in ‘rent’ is from income she is receiving from the state. That’s a ‘free’ house or free accommodation in any sense of the word.

It may offend your sensibilities to call the situation as it actually is, but it is essentially getting a free house.


Do you agree with the principle of social housing?


A single mother of 6 kids, this may be pointless because it’ll go round in circles but what sort of job should she be looking for to improve her situation?




How much would you earn if you were minding 6 kids??


Dunno chief. I’m not really in the mood for serious debating tonight. I’m just sticking my beak in. I’ll let ye at it


Fair enough, I find the accusation that she doesn’t work to be a bit off when she has six small children to care for and nowhere to properly do it,


Remember the anti-abortionists saying that “we can do so much better for women with crisis pregnancies”?

All we’ve had from them on this thread is vilifying a woman for having six children and imploring for her to be left out on the street and her kids forcibly taken off her.

Funny definition of “we can do so much better”.

“So much better” amounted to nothing more than “treat them like dogs”.


EIt’s hard to know what to believe about this woman her large family, housing issues seem to me to be the symptom rather than the cause of this lady’s problem.

This can go either one of two ways. She might get the accommodation solution she needs now and go about her life quietly, or it might end up with her being a pariah. I hope she’s clever enough to choose the former, she’s not able to play the PR game…


Deary me


Deary you and deary me. Dear for us all…


By the way just when you’re on to it. I paid 1200 a month when my 2 were in creche and that was 6 years ago


Yes, mate.


Oh I know that but one of the reasons given why she didn’t take it was that there was only space for five kids. Was just wondering how many beds that translates to


I’m not surprised, yet child rearing is so devalued that lads here want her to go out to work with six