More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


It’s not really practical for her to work. She and her kids should receive and need social housing. I’m just saying that it’s still a free house no matter what way you want to dice it. It’s disingenuous to argue otherwise.


She shouldn’t be either celebrated or vilified without further info being known


Exactly - All we do know is that 6 kids had to sleep in a garda station and that’s tragic.


We should be concentrating on the homeless kids forced to sleep in a police station instead of demonising the mother.


Then you agree with the principle of local authority housing, or, as you for some reason like to erroneously call it, “free housing”.


Why is it erroneous to refer to it as a free house?


Because it’s not a free house.


It is, mate. She receives benefits from the state, and passes a nominal amount of said benefits back to the state for the house. A free house in any sense of the word.


These stories really bring out the bottom feeders with anger issues.

I guess they feel anonymously vilifying homeless single mothers is their entitlement.


Not a free house.

She doesn’t even have a house.


You haven’t explained why or how it isn’t free.

I did say assuming she gets a social house after this episode.


Because it’s not free.

Something is either free or it isn’t.

It’s like asking me to explain why 2+2=4.


They are blaming homeless people because they can’t afford to buy houses in Dublin. It’s mind-boggling.


We have a similar situation next door to us neighbours sold to the council 2 years ago. In moves a single mother early 20s with 3 kids under 4. 2 have autism we have since learned. On a constant basis from morning to night she constantly screams and roars at them. It’s heartbreaking to hear it. We have estimated that she is probably coining around €600 a week when you include unmarried mothers allowance children’s allowance carers allowance etc.

Of course there is the big flat screen tv and she has gone from SKY to Virgin and now Eir since she moved in and of course the constant take aways always being delivered. The main issue we have had is her refusal to have rubbish collected and it got to a stage where there were piles of black bags out the back garden. Council were fooking useless and only we were reasonably friendly with a local councillor was anything finally done about it.

This is happening all over Mullingar and the council are buying houses in their droves. The question I would ask is this, is it fair that taxpayers like myself and the missus and everyone else is funding this? What chances do those kids have in life as the cycle will only be perpetuated? Now don’t get me wrong, I am no rabid Tory but surely it would make more sense if less was given out in cash and more resources put in to give those kids a proper chance in life? That’s just the way it is though in this country.


Good points mate, but still not solid on where that investment should go. I.e. How do you change ingrained behaviour, passed through generations. I genuinely don’t know, has any country accomplished this, instilled a sense of civic and self pride. But at least you are making a fist at it. The virtue signal brigade are out in force now and what had the makings of a good thread is gone. Kinda like Ireland in general, let’s not try fix a problem, but let’s make sure we are first of the social media whinging line. All blame on ‘the government’ and as for who voted for them, who are they comprised of and who holds them accountable…never mind.


This is it, when those kids have their own, will they be able to take care of them and themselves or will it continue. How do you change that though? The thing about the sky box is, they aren’t now laughing away living the high life, they just dont know how to plan for the future, manage themselves as no one taught them, and all they can see is the state will provide for them. I can guarantee it’s fairly miserable inside with the worst of food and conditions. how to change a multi generational mindset? Food stamps or something? Bit cruel maybe


Don’t be upsetting the screaming Mary’s on here with real life stories like that.


The housing crisis is very complicated. The roots of it go back over four decades, probably far further than that because the culture of owning land in Ireland goes back far further, but at least to the 1970s in terms of bad policy.

Even the foremost experts on this stuff struggle to come up with solutions and any solutions will take decades to implement because that’s the nature of such a crisis and because housing is intertwined with so many other areas such as jobs and the location of jobs, urban planning, the unintended consequences of tax breaks etc.

Few people really understad the minutiae of the problems.

But they feel they are entitled to have their say.

As they can’t verbalise any coherent, reasonable argument which addresses the issues, the easiest thing for them to do is to try and simplify the whole problem in their own mind by lashing out at the easiest possible target and vilifying them and their type as the reason for all the problems.

Classic right-wing populist bullshit and that’s the only thing right-wing populist bullshit has.

No analysis, no ideas, no solutions, no points, just vilification.

Right-wing populist bullshit has nothing to offer anybody, well, except those who make no effort to understand anything and try to make themselves feel better by deluding themsleves with lies and cheap, easy vilification of others.


It’s reality mate


It is free. If you tell me you need a hat because it’s very hot out and you’re a baldy, pasty, ugly, useless cunt whom has never worked a day in his life, thus you have no resources of your own, and I give you 5 dollars to go purchase that hat, did you get that hat for free?